Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welfare Ranchers - Another Reason To Vote

Defenders of Wildlife stopped paying ranchers for wolves picking off strays out of the herd because of the multi state hunt that was slaughtering pups and blatantly ignoring limits set for the hunts. Good for Defenders of Wildlife. They aren't a bunch of suckers.

DOW tried to work with the ranchers but still can't get honest brokers to the table. Its become politics and a wedge issue.

Let's talk about livestock and the rights of individuals to get sweetheart deals from the Department of the Interior.

The Ranchers graze on public they loose a few head of stock...its called the price of doing business... Take your livestock elsewhere or start paying real money to the Federal Government for the presumed EXCLUSIVE right to graze on "our tax payer" land.

As usual the privileged want their cake and to eat it too as if we the public owe them anything. They graze for virtually free on Federal land expensively maintained by the tax payers to the benefit of a few individuals getting rich.

Ludicrous - its a bad deal for the tax payer.

To bad if some individual rancher looses a few heads of Cattle or sheep. If they had to pay a real world rate to graze our public land to go along with their arrogant demand that it is their land to exclusively use in the first place they'd be completely out of business.

These welfare ranchers ought to thank their lucky stars they have it so good and tolerate the odd wolf feed, or better protect their herd by hiring ranch hands. Isn't this sweetheart deal rationalized and excused because its supposed to help the total economy?

Hire some damn cowboys, pay to federalize and train them so they are not stupid yahoos out just for the kill or move the damn herd out of wolf migration routes.

But since the welfare ranchers don't want to loose one dime and think Uncle Sam should prop up their business model then we'll have to let the wolves run free.

We could use a reduction in cattle and meat consumption anyway. The methane and waste is bad for the environment, watershed and fish, and eating red meat jacks up our health care costs through the roof.

It would be an overall macroeconomic money saver to let the ranchers go out of business. Then those western states would have to join the 21st century. Put up some windmills you big government teet sucking dopes.

The cattle industry is like the oil industry an outdated relic from 200 years ago.

Let nature take its course and if a few well connected ranchers go out of business too bad.

The outcry is because the Republicans don't want to loose their cash cow (pun intended)- as uber wealthy ranchers plow money back into their campaigns to keep their sweetheart deals together out on the range.

I'm sick of everyone bending over backwards to keep a few rich fat cats happy because they lost 1% off their bottom line.

A bottom line that wouldn't even exist if the tax payers weren't propping up their business or got fair market value for their presumed EXCLUSIVE rights to our PUBLIC LAND.

Shut up and deal with the wolves - god created them - man created money.

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