Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Liberals are NOT the Enemy

Your wages have been stagnating since Regan took office.

Your food, water and air are polluted.

Cancer even in children is increasing exponentially.

Health care costs go up.

Corporate america and transnational corporations don't care about anything other than their bottom line.

Corporate america and transnational corporations fund cut throat politics to rig the markets in their favor.

Corporate america and transnational corporations are to blame.

They do "not" want competition or a level playing field, but they do want desperately to consolidate monopolies - and to "corner" the market.

They do not want a free market and they do not want voters educated.

Turn off the 24 hour propaganda machine FOX. (awesome link)

They funded the Republican Governors Committee to the tune of 1 million bucks.

Rupert Murdoch wants to be the King of the World.

The RNC is registering HOMELESS PEOPLE as green party candidates to split the vote.

Big Oil funds the climate deniers while collecting billions in YOUR tax dollars.

By they way this summer was the hottest summer on record where I live. There is Dengue fever in the Keys and moving north into Miami.

Too much info for you?

Too bad.

The world can not be reduced to a sound bite.

Those who try are selling snake oil.

Good luck with that stagnated pay check.

The corporations do NOT have your best interest at heart or even in mind.

They're too stupid to know that without a good solid living wage we can't buy their crap, will drive less, consume less and leave them stuck with inventory.

Good solid pay affects their bottom line positively but since they are corrupt beyond belief they can't see that. Just because they are rich doesn't make them smart and vice versa.

But don't worry the Liberals will despite all odds and in the face of volumes of vitriol and uncivilized discourse - right the ship.

If you vote republican you are voting for him and...

stabbing your own self in the back.

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