Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tom Delay

Tom - cried it's a witch hunt - fantastic - what goes around comes around buddy.

Oh and if you think the middle class isn't going to get tired of tax breaks for the uber rich, and sweetheart deals for insiders, the plundering of the environment and the horrible impact on our overall health and well being, and the arrogance and swagger that as an elected official you are somehow above the law, redistricting along highway routes, protecting pesticide companies from litigation brought onto them by their unsafe, cancer causing products that are sprayed on our food, obscene pork, pork, pork give-a-ways in the face of historic deficits - if you don't think the wronged are going to fight back anyway they can you risk your own demise and those of your kind.

Love Paul

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

George Bush Friend of the Environment

George sucks. Today he wants us to drive less? He's starting to worry about oil impacting the economy and his stock portfolio. His great conservation move is to tell us to all stay home while his jet setters and rich and famous friends fly around the world on vacation and business. His solution is that the middle class has to stay home because there isn't enough oil to go around!

We certainly don't want the precious stock market to falter and the fat cats loose their profit margins and earnings in their portfolios. We certainly don't want their plane tickets to go up and prevent them from winging it to the south of France. This is unbelievable we save and scrimp all year so we can vacation or visit family. If George wants to do something to save his valuation in his stock portfolio maybe he should rethink subsidizing the timber industry to the tune of 49 million dollars and collecting only 800,000 thousand in royalties. Maybe he should ask for the billions in subsidies back from the oil companies to spend on developing more fuel efficient cars? Nope he has the gall to ask us to restrict our freedom so his lifestyle won't change. He has done nothing but absolutely nothing to make the environment better and to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. His record is horrendous. He has done for the United States exactly what he did for Texas as Governor. Go to hell George. Americans don't change your habits. The only time these guys will enact common sense laws good for the majority is when the stock market starts to tank. Canceling school in Georgia to save oil so the economy doesn't take a hit speaks volumes. Do you think your politician’s priorities are just a little wrong there?

Read Tim Dickson's short article published in September's issue of Rolling Stone highlighting George's Compassionate Conservative attitude towards God's Green Earth and you!

Friday, September 23, 2005

George Bush Fan Mail From Moby

George W. does what Cheney tells him to do and what Karl Rove tells him to do. Do you remember the attack on McCain’s war record, and from a guy that bailed on National Guard Duty? These are not honorable people. They think they know everything, and that the citizens are chumps and too lazy to pay attention. Pride goeth before the fall.

W. got a free ride because of 9/11. As you can see (as everyone can see) he is horrible as a manager, and places his incompetent cronies in position of authority. If it weren't for 9/11 and the free pass and scare tactics he used to his advantage he would have never been reelected. His ineptness would have come to the fore under regular press scrutiny. That's his home state, a red state that he couldn't get evacuated properly. Those people are sitting ducks. Even the surfers know about opening up the opposite lanes. They even have a fancy word for it - contraflow - or something like that. It's impossible to imagine W. didn't say - have you opened up all the lanes - to the governor of his state.

After 9/11 it became a crime to publicly criticize W. But time has moved on and his free pass is over. Lo and behold as the flood waters breach (at this very moment) the levees in New Orleans (once again) George W. Bush will be hearing for the next several years all the criticism that has been held in check. The American people do eventually get it. W. is blatantly painted by the following words. Thank you Moby for articulating what we all have been excusing up until now:

“George Bush is the worst president in the history of the United States. He was a wealthy child, not very bright, and had everything handed to him. When he invaded Iraq he thought it would be as easy as ordering a pizza at Domino's.”

Pretty strong and accurate words (remember the mission complete banner as he rode onto a carrier in a flight suit?) W. is pathetic. He's blatant incompetence wrapped up in an overabundance of arrogance. He is completely out of his element.

But the citizens elected him and the representatives in congress. The fault lies with them. Until the elections become less about right versus left and more about hey who the heck are these guys really we’ll always have this problem. Until people stop electing candidates because they hate gays or fear women and think rather hmmm what does it take to be a real leader, a solid manager, a clear thinker, a successful executive and what the heck is this guys track record, until we ignore the advertising, the smear tactics (thank you Karl Rove for taking that to new heights) until people take a measured look at each individual and vote their pocket books they deserve what they get for voting ideology instead of practicality.

The difference between honorable men and corrupt individuals can not be summed up by their stand on abortion or gay marriage. We need a return to practicality and out with all the mumbo jumbo consternation about personal predilections and religious beliefs. Otherwise we are going to end up with a Hitler ourselves. Vote for the guy whose resume you like. Looks like W. can add another bankruptcy to his resume!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. Bush,

You know how to win a race but you don't know what to do when you get there. You have a lack of vision, and what vision you have is limited to your own pocketbook and self interest. Actions speak louder than words. You stayed on vacation when your citizens needed you. No amount of Rove spin strategy can make that go away. You need to know I am a huge supporter of your efforts in IRAQ, but I am continually horrified at your lack of business sense; the amount of pork in the energy and transportation bills; your inability to grasp that a healthy environment lowers health care costs; and your inability to grasp that we need to move away from dirty fuel sources to clean ones. In a vision for New Orleans and this country you might want to add a few more refineries new ones built within EPA standards, increase the size of the levies, restore the marsh land, and not rebuild in the low lying areas. I might also suggest concentrating poor people all in one area doesn't work. If we are going to help the poor as your bible states we are compelled to do then we must help them by integrating them into successful communities where the opportunity to join the work force is ample. Concentrating them in dead end housing projects compounds the despair, crime and drug use that eventually infiltrates the surrounding areas. We are products of our environment. In retrospect it is easy to see the cause and motivation of the rolling blackouts in California and the high gas prices at the pumps are just the market manipulations of an unsuccessfully regulated industry. The government of the United States will not succeed if it practices absentee management.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Expose Exxon

Hello all,
Recently I decided to shelve my Exxon gas cards. After all I have B/P and Citgo so it wasn’t a big decision. I became aware of the Exxon Boycott through NRDC and figured it was an easy gesture. They wouldn’t miss my monthly money. I have been most offended by the junk science since the 70’s that has hampered the proper management of our resources, and worked on the fear campaign that living within the environment in a healthy fashion costs too much money and eliminates jobs. The opposite is the truth as technology and innovative advancements spur on the economy, and a healthy environment lowers health care costs. In a day and age when we need to all work together and see the big picture too many of us are still stuck in the "every man for himself" mode. There’s nothing successful or heroic in ignoring the big picture and screwing the public, but a lot of the fat cats get their jollies this way. They think it makes them men. It makes them classless hypocrites in suits, but they do get rich in the short term. However, it catches up to them. The Expose Exxon campaign is part of the catching up process and you should join. It’s easy use your Shell, B/P or Citgo card. There are enough gas stations (Hess) that you can easily drive by the corner Exxon. The amazing thing is that this campaign must be working.

If you ever felt powerless against big corporate conglomerates look how quickly you can bring them to their knees when you exercise the power of the dollars under your control. When their profit projections start to tail off because of a boycott they’ll do what’s in the best interest of the Citizens. Until then they do what’s in their best interest and hold us in contempt. This is easy and it’s working. Pull your Exxon cards out of your wallets. I haven’t missed them but they sure have missed me. Look at what they are sending me in the mail! The pictures posted at the top are what came in the mail from Exxon. Actions speak louder than words.