Friday, April 13, 2007

Adios Imus in the Mourning Part II

…but the fact challenged Rush Limbaugh, the sick Stern, and the ranting, screaming O’Reily go on. All of them should be held accountable for what they say, and their unprofessional behavior. O'Reilly paid to silence his sexual harassment groping women on the job case. Only a rich guilty man pays somebody for wrongly accusing them. A poor guy might not be able to afford the fight. But somebody like O'Reily who has tons of money settled right away. That indicates to me he's guilty as sin. This is a guy who screams at the top of his lungs to make a point, but when confronted with a real fight tucked his tail in and paid. It means he did it folks and he's still working. And, as long as we are on a roll how about keeping our politicians accountable for what they say and do, or are we still looking for WMD’s?

Why is lying tolerated and not met with equal outrage – when millions of people are dying (dead) around the world. Imus is gone but nothing has changed until the lying and the deceit in both business and politics is snuffed out with as much outrage and ink and air as confronted Imus. Or is it a case of don’t bite the hand that feeds you – hmm a lack of courage perhaps by our news agencies and their employees? I don’t know you tell me I’m outraged. Cheney shoots a guy in the face and it’s not reported on until 14 hours later – (time for the alcohol to dissipate from his DUI system) and it’s swept under the rug, and never, ever mentioned again. If Clinton had done that he would have hung from the town square. Yippee we put Don Imus out of work and they continue to die in Darfur, Iraq, and at home right in the heart of our cities. Putting Don Imus out of work was like scoring a goal with the goalie pulled while standing in front of an empty net, unchallenged. Let’s all pat ourselves on the back we sure showed em.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hidalgo - Movie Review

This is a wonderful movie filmed over several locations. If you are an animal lover or activist you will love this movie. The acting is very strong Viggo Mortenson can carry a picture. He has a real depth and quality to him. I have to throw a bucket of cold water on my wife after he's on screen for more than five minutes. That's not all bad from my point of view. A great story and based on the real story of Frank Hopkins a Native American who knew and loved his wild mustangs and sought their protection on the prairie and the plains. Hidalgo is the horse he rode across the sands of Arabia in a "distance" race.

There was a misdirected uproar over the movie thanks to George Bush and the oil barons he represents called the Hidaglo Hoax, and you can read the screenwriters response here.

Regardless of the uproar of the long riders association - this is a great movie with superb acting. Unless your heart is made of coal it will get you where it counts. Hidalgo delivers.

Goodbye Kurt - I'll Miss You!!!!!

Dies and will the world mourn - nah - we are much to worried about Don Imus's career - dear lord - we have lost our way. What is rich and wonderful in our lives is pushed to the back burners and discarded, disregarded and dismissed while the noisy drum beat of commerce pollutes the very air we breath. I love the market economy - just not the mismanagement of our resources, planet and lives. Kurt like an arrow pierced through with insight and blasted like a howitzer the truth of ourselves. Technology and mankind's inventions do not travel in a straight line with our collective survival and growth. We have been given judgment to use. The issue is self control. Can we control the evil that is mixed with the good that has been given to us in ourselves and our realities? Can we not think for ourselves by our own observations and learning and stop being lazy parrots of the status quo?

I loved Kurt's books they let me know that others were not blindly accepting the dictates of the status quo. His books gave me hope and inspiration. There will never be another. Goodnight Kurt keep this realm in your heart and look after us if you can. The infinite and the finite co-mingle on this planet. Kurt was a conduit for both.

Love your friend,


Imus in the "Mourning"... Your Taxes & JFK

"Held accountable" - this is a curious statement that is being brandished over Don Imus's firing. That Imus is gone was predictable, and he was "held accountable" for his statement. But why stop there - why not hold all public figures accountable for their statements (or how about even their actions - wonder of wonders)

But we don't - somehow Rush Limbaugh gets a pass, Howard Stern gets a pass, Bill O'Reily gets a pass and worst of all George Bush, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney get passes. Hell Cheney drunk in the afternoon (yeah he's the only one who can protect us) blasts a guy in his face almost killing him and nothing happened - no outrage, no blood test - no records released - no accountability - just swept under the rug. He's not only - not accountable - for his words "last throes" but not even accountable for his actions. It's pathetic. Can you imagine if Clinton shot somebody in the face? He'd be hung in the public square by a torch carrying mob fueled by the right wing media.

That's the double standard that upsets me - Imus - gone - good - he's a miserable old coot with a bunch of money and a superiority complex - fits right in with the elite. If he would have just saved his abrasive comments for the politicians he'd still be on the air, dope that he is .

But what about the rest of the stuff on the air, in the media? What about the daily sewer of disinformation coming from the politicians and lobbyist as they game the system in their favor at OUR EXPENSE (money, health and lives)

The outright lies are passed on by the spin meisters and those currying favor to then be broadcasted as truth to millions through that piece of cr*p television in the center of your living room, or radio in your car, or newspaper in your hand.

Why is lying acceptable, why is lying about people acceptable, why is lying about public policy, the misdeeds and corruption of business, blatant unrepentant pollution, prescription drugs, and international relations acceptable?

The people outraged over Imus (or the double standard with hip hop lyrics and Duke Lax) should be as outraged over their politicians screwing them 24/7.

You're not the richest 1% so where's your tax break? Look at your pay check and puke. They are skimming off the top of what you earn and giving it to those who don't need it or appreciate where it came from - and you are not outraged??...

Happy April 15th everyone! Enjoy writing that check this weekend to the richest 1%. So Imus is fired - it changes nothing.

Good luck to the ladies from Rutgers I hope they are motivated to become lawyers, doctors and politicians and activists and do excellent things with the lives they have been given!

Maybe the rest of us should try and do the same or just be satisfied with the sacrificial lambs that cough themselves up every now and then while the others get away with murder (JFK).