Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hidalgo - Movie Review

This is a wonderful movie filmed over several locations. If you are an animal lover or activist you will love this movie. The acting is very strong Viggo Mortenson can carry a picture. He has a real depth and quality to him. I have to throw a bucket of cold water on my wife after he's on screen for more than five minutes. That's not all bad from my point of view. A great story and based on the real story of Frank Hopkins a Native American who knew and loved his wild mustangs and sought their protection on the prairie and the plains. Hidalgo is the horse he rode across the sands of Arabia in a "distance" race.

There was a misdirected uproar over the movie thanks to George Bush and the oil barons he represents called the Hidaglo Hoax, and you can read the screenwriters response here.

Regardless of the uproar of the long riders association - this is a great movie with superb acting. Unless your heart is made of coal it will get you where it counts. Hidalgo delivers.

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