Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Journey Home Update

Hello All,
Keep in mind this is just me, myself and I trying to get the word out, coax some sales and spread a little fun, and wisdom through the writing of Journey Home so any sales at all leads me not to riches, fame and fortune (hardly) but the hope that just one more person enjoys the story and contemplates the message from my heart. With that in mind I am proud to say I have sold seven more books in the month of March – that's huge (for me) – at a time when I thought enthusiasm for Journey Home had tailed off (how many books can Mom buy) (she bought two months ago) our friends in the UK continue to support yours truly. But the larger message here is that by supporting me they are supporting you and our ideas of harmony (music) and understanding, life and adventure and the continuing struggle to live our own lives defined by what we see fit for ourselves including the utmost respect and care for what sustains us – the Earth, the air we breath and the water we drink. So thank you again for all of your support and inspiration, and keep the faith. There are those who would rape the Earth and destroy their fellow man and they are loud and have control of world wide media but we are many, many more than even they imagine and if we come together a vision of peace, love and harmony will envelope the Earth for ages to come - believe it and it will happen.

Your humble scribe,