Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Death Penalty

In a country that preaches killing is wrong it is completely hypocritical to have state sponsored executions. In a country that coined the phrase moral majority it is hypocritical to have state sponsored executions. In a country whose president used religion to get elected it is wrong to have state sponsored executions. In a country whose leader professes to be a born again whose wife is portrayed as a pure religious woman who turned his life around it is wrong to have state sponsored executions. In a country whose legislative body has repeatable tried to legislate morality it is wrong to have state sponsored executions. In a country whose political leaders pander to the fevering religiosity of the fanatical and corrupt it is wrong to have state sponsored executions. An eye for an eye in the Old Testament but the Ten Commandments say though shall not kill. The contradictions abound on the book we place our hand on as we testify and take office. But if killing is wrong and one looses their freedom for the act then why must we kill to further prove we are right in our judgment that killing is wrong as we do and sanctify the very act we abhor.

Killing is wrong in any way state or fashion. Situational ethics spell hypocrisy. Defend your life as you must but even then killing is still wrong and the knowledge of that makes us whole and keeps the course as we journey through life together. Ask any soldier on any side - killing is wrong and if we all followed that one simple rule this world would be one giant step closer to Utopia.

Our politicians (hardly leaders) are hypocrites and phonies tarnishing the very concepts of the religion they so frequently trot out to get elected. A bigger scare on the face of the earth does not exist and the secular are more pure of heart.

Another opportunity has been wasted to elevate the consciousness of mankind. All excuses for killing are wrong except to meet the killers on a battlefield the Hitler’s, and those who cherish death and bloodshed and look to inflict the same. But even after the battle when the right thing to do wins again - the right still know that killing is wrong and it separates them and makes them right, whole and complete as there is no joy in death or in giving death even for those who seek it. Killing is wrong and we need to lead by example and use death sparingly in defense of our freedoms, civility, and spirituality. A man behind bars will do what he can to avoid death even lend his voice against the path that lead him to be behind bars. He is caged like an animal for acting like an animal although god breathed the very knowledge of right and wrong into his soul. We know the difference inherently; no book or writings need to tell us. Teachings only remind us of what is in our bones. Now another voice for peace and understanding is silenced, another voice for civility gone. Whatever his motives may have been whether innocent or a liar who knew more than he that killing is wrong, and now more potential death row voices are silenced why speak out if you are going to die anyway, as bitterness over takes the truth, and forgiveness is ignored, and our moral high ground is lowered yet again by the politically expedient measures of those who lack vision but gain power through corruption and greed. Worried about getting reelected selfish and puny, cowards they falter in the face of the ultimate truths of our reality and they are not leaders and they are not men.