Friday, July 15, 2005

Slaves to Corporate America


It’s pretty pathetic isn’t it?
Gone are the days of integrity and principle (Karl Rove) win at all and any cost is the fashion of the times, and what is now considered success is the ability to get away with as much as you can.

This President in particular is good at winning the event (the Presidential race) but horrible at managing what he eventually wins (Texas Rangers). He’s a short sighted sprinter who eyes the finish line of the race but not what he is going to do once he gets there (Iraq).

The press has to be the fourth wing of the government especially in these times. The Republicans to me act as “slaves” to corporate America. They are so fearful for their cushy jobs as our representatives that they give the special interest whatever they want in order to keep their own political careers (jobs) afloat.

What’s good for the Country is not necessarily what is good for Exxon/Mobil or Halliburton. It’s a damn shame, and they are beneath contempt forgetting our struggle for independence, and the covenants of the Constitution, The Bill of Right, and the Declaration of Independence. Of the people, By the people For the people. Our representatives need to govern with the whole country in mind. Their special interest financiers should be satisfied with their particular points of view being considered only in the grand order of things.

Our representatives are wimps and they need to have that pointed out to them in no uncertain terms. This is after all the United States of America, and those corporations, businesses and moneyed power brokers (including religious institutions) have the best military, work force and infrastructure in the entire world at their disposal. They are lucky a place like the United States exists protects them their special interests (profit margin), and allows them to operate freely within the confines of their business and social circles. They need to realize their place is not at the head of the table that’s reserved for the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence and our Nations laws. Their self interest (business profit, and theocracy specific dogma) has only a minor position when weighed against what is best for our Country and consistent with the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence and what is good for our health, and the planet that sustains our very existence.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Trickle Down My Ass!

The huge tax cuts for the massively wealthy don't work. It didn't work for Regan and it didn't work for either Bushes. Bush doesn't govern for the good of the Country but for the good of the Uber-Wealthy, the Nuclear Rich, the Mega Rich. He owes them it's a pay back for funding his elections. The deficit is what is killing this Country. Do you run your household by crawling into insurmountable debt, and if you do isn't your life crippled by it? The same thing holds true for the government, and our national economy.

"The large share of the tax windfalls received by the wealthy are not spent in the short run. And even among those who are induced to spend more, the main effect is not increased demand for domestically produced goods and services, but rather increased bidding for choice oceanfront property and longer waiting lists for the new Porsche Carrera GT. Such spending does little to stimulate domestic employment." From the News Article Link in the Title - to which I might add, no duh!

Want more -

"Had the dollars required to finance the president's tax cuts been used in other ways, they would have made a real difference. Larger tax cuts for middle- and low-income families, for example, would have stimulated immediate new spending because the savings rates for most of these families are low. And their additional spending would have been largely for products made by domestic businesses - which would have led, in turn, to increased employment.

Grants to cash-starved state and local governments would have prevented layoffs of thousands of teachers and police officers. And many useful jobs could have been created directly. For instance, people could have been hired to scrutinize the cargo containers that currently enter the nation's ports uninspected."

So congratulations those of you who voted for W. the economy sucks, but at least we don't have gay marriages (morons!)

Friday, July 01, 2005

Conflict of Interest (it's illegal)

The Energy Companies in Charge of our National Energy Policy:

Face it with the energy companies in charge of our energy policies there won’t be a change. There will be a preservation of the status quo, and an expansion of the status quo. Congress (House and Senate) is not looking forward, and is relying on what is now being called the "Dirty Fuel" option more nuclear waste, more off shore oil spills, and more terrorist targets. The industrialists are so set in their ways. They will not look to the "Clean Fuel" options unless forced. Look, basically they want to sell you their product (oil) so you get marketed big hummers, and SUV's that burn baby burn the oil. Next they want as high a price as possible. They'll force that oil price up until the stock market starts to weaken. The transportation stocks like Fed Ex, and UPS take the first hit. But when they get broad market declines you and I will watch those oil prices (magically) come down.

This administrations energy policy has been sponsored, and initiated, and steered by the oil industry. There isn't going to be a major push for increased gas mileage unless the consumers revolt. Don't be fooled by the main stream media! Get on the phone, write, email your representatives. This new energy policy is dead on arrival without a significant raise in fuel efficiency for all cars and trucks (SUV's are made and marketed as trucks to get through fuel efficiency loopholes). Check out the following link from the League of Conservation Voters It’s time to wise up America. The Conflict of Interest is real, and it's illegal! It's impeachable!