Friday, July 01, 2005

Conflict of Interest (it's illegal)

The Energy Companies in Charge of our National Energy Policy:

Face it with the energy companies in charge of our energy policies there won’t be a change. There will be a preservation of the status quo, and an expansion of the status quo. Congress (House and Senate) is not looking forward, and is relying on what is now being called the "Dirty Fuel" option more nuclear waste, more off shore oil spills, and more terrorist targets. The industrialists are so set in their ways. They will not look to the "Clean Fuel" options unless forced. Look, basically they want to sell you their product (oil) so you get marketed big hummers, and SUV's that burn baby burn the oil. Next they want as high a price as possible. They'll force that oil price up until the stock market starts to weaken. The transportation stocks like Fed Ex, and UPS take the first hit. But when they get broad market declines you and I will watch those oil prices (magically) come down.

This administrations energy policy has been sponsored, and initiated, and steered by the oil industry. There isn't going to be a major push for increased gas mileage unless the consumers revolt. Don't be fooled by the main stream media! Get on the phone, write, email your representatives. This new energy policy is dead on arrival without a significant raise in fuel efficiency for all cars and trucks (SUV's are made and marketed as trucks to get through fuel efficiency loopholes). Check out the following link from the League of Conservation Voters It’s time to wise up America. The Conflict of Interest is real, and it's illegal! It's impeachable!

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