Friday, June 25, 2010

Voice of the Wetlands

Last week, President Obama gave an Oval Office address on the oil leak in the Gulf. I am asking you all take the words as they are and decide if they say the right things for you. If they do not, then it is your responsibility to respond to the person saying them. If you agree, then it is your responsibility to hold them accountable for those promises. The most effective way to respond and be heard is to call the White House and your representatives and talk to someone personally about your feelings and your ideas about how you think things should be handled in your area.

I know this sounds like some far-fetched social motivational rhetoric, but this cuts straight to the root of all of our problems in this country. If we can fix the root, the tree can continue to grow healthier and stronger everyday. This is about real freedom - the freedom from governmental control! Only you can fight for that. It takes masses of individuals to make the kind of changes that we all want. Remember "We The People"? We all have to motivate each other to stay involved in our government.

Everyone is watching. Everyone is active. Everyone is responsible. This is how you restore balance and balance is key to our situation. The door is still open, but I'm afraid that the disasters we face put more and more power into the hands of the government each time they occur, and we are allowed less and less freedom to help ourselves and each other. Do not be afraid. Dig for truth. Make the calls. Show up to public meetings. Accept the challenge and you will find that there are great rewards for being involved. Even when things look bleak and frustrations are running high, staying in the game is always better than sitting at home and wallowing in the results. These are our defining moments.

Tab Benoit, President/Founder
Voice of the Wetlands

Deficit Spending NOW!

The polls don't back assertions that the public is horrified over the deficit.

In fact the public understands that you have to give the economy more than 9 months to recover from more than three decades of the ignorant trickle down b.s. (since Regan swallowed the kool-aid). We also know what happened to Japan's lost decade - no sorry fellas - in order to correct Reganomics and the zombie worshipers of corporate and billionaire welfare we have to pump money into the private sector (middle class) - in order to correct the fraud that resulted from deregulation.

For some reason we didn't learn from the savings and loan scandals. So now we have to pump money into the economy - its called capital investment - but what it doesn't mean is bridges to nowhere and tax giveaways and subsidies to businesses and households THAT DON'T NEED THEM.

We have to unleash the green economy and push the status quo out of the way. Big oil, big coal, and nuclear power are detrimental to the health of the planet and each other (cancer) and contribute to the health care drain on the economy.

They are last century technologies barbaric in their business model and laser locked on their micro economic business plans. Its time for a macro-economic view point - instead of all these separate interest back stabbing their way to our tax dollar pile. We need to invest in the future, upgrade the grid, retrofit the cities and advance solar thermal, wind, geothermal and fusion power.

The status quo is in the way big time. But all of us out here who are not part of the corporate propaganda machine that runs our media (television, print and radio)- we know the future is green - that the jobs are in the green sector and that our only chance at survival is to live in harmony with the earth.

Sorry if that's a little too touchy feely for you - but the dog eat dog - hoard all the money at the top - deregulated = lawlessness, corruption and the pilfering of grandmas nest egg crowd - are dead wrong, and they'll take all of us down with them if they don't get with the program.

The big monied assholes don't give a crap about the macro-economic realities and integration of our global market system. Its not a game to see who can die with the most toys boys - you can't eat the damn money - you freakin' morons.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home
Fun has a sacred dimension.

~ Adriana Diaz

Thursday, June 24, 2010

If your dog is fat, you aren't getting enough exercise.

~ Unknown
Elephants used in circuses are beaten with sharp bullhooks, electro-shocked, whipped, and chained for up to 100 hours at a time in order to force them to perform tricks that are confusing and unnatural to them.
"Only after the last tree has been cut down... Only after the last river has been poisoned… Only after the last fish has been caught, only then will you find that money cannot be eaten." Cree Indian Prophecy
“It (the oil) is coming in (onto the beach) by the dump-truck loads, and it is just disgusting,”
Pensacola is done - Oil and tar washed ashore, “This morning was the worst I have seen – the most gut-wrenching and heartbreaking walk on the beach in my entire life...”
"I'm hitting a lick for peace - and every time I'm in Georgia, I eat a peach for peace." - Duane Allman
"I love being alive and I will be the best man I possibly can. I will take love wherever I find it and offer it to everyone who will take knowledge from those wiser and teach those who wish to learn from me." - Duane Allman
"We want people to listen with their eyes closed - to just let the music come inside them...." Duane Allman
The Wall Street Journal/NBC poll, conducted by McCain pollster Bill McInturff (R), along with Peter Hart (D), found that by a stunning 2 to 1 margin, Americans want good, comprehensive energy reform that reduces carbon emissions and stimulates clean energy development.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No amount of car washes, bake sales, Facebook Causes or charitable gifts from the rich can address the government’s revenue gap fueled by the wealthiest Americans sheltering their billions.
In the midst of one of the worst unemployment crises in U.S. history, Senate Republicans killed a jobs bill last Thursday by a 56-40 vote.
I have meant what I have done. Or--I have often meant what I have done. Or--I have sometimes meant what I have done. Or--I have tried to mean what I was doing.

~ Jasper Johns
What greater gift than the love of a cat?

~ Charles Dickens
All animals except man know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it.

~ Samuel Butler
Anyone can find fault. It is the wise person who finds that which encourages another in the turmoils and strifes of the day.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1449-2
Every day, another 1.5 to 2.5 million gallons of oil pour into the Gulf of Mexico out of a hole BP drilled miles into the Earth's crust.
The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself, in the service of others.

~ Mohandas K. Gandhi
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds..." - Albert Einstein
you can't forget Buddy Guy, I once saw him throw the guitar up in the air and catch it in the same chord ... Jeff Beck
"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." - Plato
"It is only by introducing the young to great literature, drama and music, and to the excitement of great science that we open to them the possibilities that lie within the human spirit-enable them to see visions and dream dreams." - Eric Anderson
"You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try." - Beverly Sills
"I think that anybody from the 20th century, up to now, has to be aware that if it wasn't for Louis Armstrong, we'd all be wearing powdered wigs. I think that Louis Armstrong loosened the world, helped people to be able to say "Yeah," and to walk with a little dip in their hip. Before Louis Armstrong, the world was definitely square, just like Christopher Columbus thought." -- South African trumpet legend Hugh Masekela
"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." -Aldous Huxley
"Duane Allman was one of the best there ever was ... when you listen to him, you are hearing a truly gifted individual giving his all to the music, and there is nothing better than that. Duane played music the same way that he rode his motorcycle and drove his car .. he was a daredevil, just triple Scorpio, God's-on-my-side wide open... that was part of the romance and I loved Duane. I have nothing but admiration for him" - Dicky Betts
Idiot, n. A member of a large and powerful tribe whose influence in human affairs has always been dominant and controlling. - Ambrose Bierce
"Puritanism is the haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy." - H. L. Menken
"Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule." -Samuel Butler
"... Clear Channel owns all the major radio stations and venues. Most musicians aren't aware that a few people control so much of what we hear..." Susan Tedeschi
"Use the talents you possess, for the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except the best." - Henry Van Dyke
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." - Jimi Hendrix
"Complexity is the only difference between blues and jazz. It's all the portrayal of the feelings - and the soul-in a medium other than words." - Duane Allman
All those in favor of more oil drilling - eat gulf seafood from the spill area then tell me how you feel.
Oil industry workers will be compensated for any lost work during the six month moratorium by a $100 million fund established by BP

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tar sands oil, one of the dirtiest forms of crude oil, lies underneath Canada's boreal forest. Its extraction has already left 1,600 ducks fatally trapped in toxic sludge.
At least 58,000 birds have died due to tar sands development.
"You have to be right up front and be true to yourself and other people around you - true as you can be." - Duane Allman

Monday, June 21, 2010

When pressed this week oil companies gave their emergency plans for a disaster in the Gulf to Congress. The plans were nearly identical, and included efforts to save walruses and recommended calling on a marine biologist who is five years dead.
"You have to utilize what's inside you to create what you want to create. If it doesn't come out pure, it's no good." - Duane Allman
"He listened to the tapes and said, 'You cats better look for a day gig - you're the worst I ever heard.'" - Duane Allman
"The first stuff I heard was Hank Williams and Flatt & Scruggs on my grandma' old 78 player" - Duane Allman

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life delights in life.

~ William Blake

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium - Movie Review

The critics trashed this movie but I love, loved, loved it. I was curious to see what the reviewers out at amazon were saying. Most of the one star ratings sited the fact that the movie dealt with death. A death march one called it and another voiced concerns that with family in the service they deal with death enough. Well I don't think so. In fact I think the knee jerk reaction to this movie is that we have a very unhealthy way of looking at death. In fact we by and large don't deal with it and don't hold it close as an eventual reality but rather look for innumerable distractions to avoid dealing with death. Those of us who have experienced death of a loved one or who have taken death into account in how we live our lives will love this movie. Because there isn't one thing threatening about this farcical, colorful, imaginative gem.

I absolutely loved it. This is light fair and while the main character propels the story through his eventual passing (he's hundreds of years old) the fantasy is a celebration of life. How anyone could have missed that I don't know? Far from being a death march as one reviewer called it this movie proclaims that our lives are an occasion and we should live up to it. What a wonderful sentiment. Farcical with pet zebras and toys that posses life plus the sweet acting skills of Dustin Hoffman, Natalie Portman and Jason Bateman this movie will warm your heart. Zach Mills does a sweet job as well. You can tell they had fun on this set.

Those that think avoidance of reality is the way to go through life might want to avoid this fantasy story since it obviously deals with three very salient facts.

One - we have been given time on Earth.

Two - how we look at it and approach it is everything.

Three - one day we will in our present form die.

You can't get around that fact but what you do with your life in the meantime is up to you.

Your life is an occasion rise to it - that's a beautiful point of view and the movie does a beautiful job of rising to the occasion of life itself. Friendship, misunderstanding, fear, and seeing the beauty and amazing for what we mistakenly see as the mundane and routine is not fantasy after all but reality. I mean come on we are on a planet spinning in space hurtling through a universe with a sheer layer of oxygen between us and an airless universe. We have amazing creatures such as whales and dolphins and an as yet undiscovered amount of birds and wildlife as our companion travelers through time and space, here and now.

How we look at it and all that is around us is our destiny. I'd say that the majority who don't see this world and all in it as amazing, sacred and beautiful need a wake up call.

This little movie might help remind you how sweet it is....I think I'll go outside now for a stroll and breath deep our air and perhaps lunch on a salad from gods green earth - nothing finer!

Five unabashed stars for wisdom and whimsy - they are not mutually exclusive terms - plus Natalie is adorable - wonderful writing, and beautiful visuals. Watch the DVD extras for info on the set design. They put a lot into this movie and with the right frame of mind you'll get a lot out of it too. Far from morbid it is a delight!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things do not change; we change.

~ Henry David Thoreau
Think on This ...
. . . happiness is love of something outside of self! It may never be obtained, may never be known by loving only things within self or self's own domain!

Edgar Cayce Reading 281-30
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

Lao Tzu
A Robin Redbreast in a cage Puts all Heaven in a Rage.

~ William Blake
Top Ten EPA-Rated Fuel Sippers (1984 to present)
The 1986 Chevrolet Sprint HR got a combined 48 MPG. The 1986-87 Honda Civic Coupe HF got a combined 46 MPG. And those are regular combustion engine vehicles! Higher fuel economy in regular vehicles is already achievable.
Things are only impossible until they're not.

~Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Take Back America Big Oil Pays ZERO Federal Tax

One of the Tea Bags assertions is that the left doesn't support the Constitution. Well I'm hear to say that is dead wrong. Their is no way I'm going to let a fringe group hell bent on taking our liberties away claim they are the owners or sole supporters of the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights.

I would advise everyone be careful where you get your news from. All of our major media outlets are owned by large corporations.

I think we all agree that large corporations only focus on their profits.

A blind focus on profit in a single market sector is not how you govern a country.

I'm glad everyone is focused back on fiscal responsibility but even Regan knew the benefits of deficit spending and when Bush was in charge they called it capital expenditure (investment).

The faux divide among the people - is this - you are free to live your life any way you see fit but when you impose your way of life on others - people will push back - so go to your church of choice and have a nice day - and live and let live.

In the meantime the Corporations write the laws that have screwed up this Country because they don't take into account each other and the entire macroeconomic reality. BP cuts corners to make profit builds faulty rig and destroys fishing industry.

If they had any respect for the entire market or understanding of how the whole market system works they would voluntarily take into account their impact on the other industries small to large that need the ocean as well.

But they don't because their sole focus is to increase profit with blinders on at any and all cost.

Like it or not the markets need oversight so all the factors at play can operate together and in unison.

Exxon Mobil made 19 BILLION dollars in profit LAST YEAR and paid ZERO taxes - that's a fact - re-read that line. 19 Billion with a "B" and Zero taxes - a heck of lot less than you or I paid.

That's YOUR government at work - its been like that for decades. Its going to take all of us out here pulling together in the same direction to make sure that blatant abuses like that change - and soon.

So whether you are gay, straight, go to Church, think the whole Earth is Church and everyday and everything is holy, whether you are black, white, Hispanic, love guns, hate guns, want to protect animals and gods creation or want to blow up mountain tops, whether you want clean energy or think the status quo is just fine - whether you fear change or welcome it - no matter what your opinions are about anything.....WE HAVE ALL GOT TO STICK order to get Exxon/Mobil to pay their damn taxes.

They set up this kabuki theater to get us distracted while behind the scenes they are misdirecting our tax dollars - taking our jobs overseas, driving down our wages, outlawing unions - outlawing class action law suits and getting rid of anything that stands in their way of taking as much gold, power and privilege as they can - while we fight over what - Glenn Beck - stop being so easily distracted.

By the way Chevron got a tax refund on top of their billions in profit - kinda stings doesn't it - that's the headline we should see and hear but not with consolidated corporate media outlets. It's nowhere to be found.

All of a sudden the big oil companies are worried about jobs and their poor worker bees we need to get back to work drilling lift the moratorium - NO WAY - don't be a sucker - all they want to do is turn that money machine back on.

You want people back to work change the laws that so heavily favor the status quo and engage, invest, promote and train the green economy that is busting at the seams to get going. The Status quo Big Oil, and Big Coal is all that stands in the way.

Good for them right bare knuckled politics and business its the american way - except its being extremely counter productive these days. It's out of balance and out of whack. Make money but don't rig the system so bad that you don't even pay taxes and literally enjoy sticking it to the middle class.

Focus people and stop fighting with each other - the enemy is corruption and greed, a lack of ethics and conflict of interest in all of our Big organizations whether its our politicians or our captains of industry.

Its "not" Big Government vs Big Corporations choose a side - the web is too fine and infiltrates both camps. Their is a cooperation of greed, and lust for power entwined between both Your Government and Your Corporations that have the privilege of our military and safe society to do business in - do we get any consideration for that - Nope - they take it for granted and screw us.

Corporate America and their blind focus on profit before people, profit before earth, profit before war. They'll kill innocent women and children to get at the resources....who's God supports that?

Career politicians grubbing for money willing to sell out their constituents to keep their jobs - its the same thing.

Stop fighting with each other none of us out here have made the decisions to enable the bastards in either camp to literally get away with murder. Get out and vote and do not fall for empty rhetoric and push for change.

First up in my book Exxon/Mobil and Big Oil have to pay some damn taxes - paying nothing is completely unacceptable. The resources they sell come from under OUR nations ground - they belong to YOU the Public - the PEOPLE.

By the people, of the people, for the people. We ALL LOVE the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We hate cheats, liars, frauds, hypocrites and blow hards. Fill out a petition call your representatives -- and turn off the damn TV.

Take action now!

Paul Burke
Author - Journey Home

Monday, June 14, 2010

Despite the Great Recession of 2009, the U.S. solar energy industry grew—both in new installations and employment. Solar industry revenues also surged despite the economy, climbing 36 percent in 2009.
Vote Solar works to build the economies of scale necessary to bring solar into the mainstream.-
The amount of sunlight that hits the Earth in just 40 minutes is equivalent to the amount of energy our planet consumes in one year.
"Nature knows no indecencies. Man invents them." - Mark Twain
Today we spend only about $4 billion on energy R&D compared to $30 billion on health, $80 billion on -- on defense. We need to get our priorities figured out...and fast.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Be yourself, no matter what they say.

~ Sting

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lots of people talk to animals.... Not very many listen, though.... That's the problem.

~ Benjamin Hoff
The United States is badly lagging in basic research on new forms of energy, deepening U.S. dependence on dirty fuels and crippling its international competitiveness, a diverse group of business executives warn in a study to be released Thursday.
Fox is a full-time political operation, aimed at spreading misinformation, whipping up fear, and driving politics and policy for the rich, by the rich, of the rich - those making less than 250,000 you don't matter - except your vote.

Hey Wall Street - Regulate the Markets - Fiance Reform

My money stays on the sidelines until proven measures from the past are re-implemented and my vulnerability is restricted to how a company performs.

Right now if investing I'm vulnerable to outright fraud in the ratings system, mis-information, and massive ethical and conflict of interest problems that border on the sociopathic. They want profits to be private but losses are societies problem = bailout = too big to fail = unethical, hypocritical bullshit = want their cake and eat it too = no risk for them = all the risk to you. It's a lousy system bound to fail and fail miserably if there is no accountability (pun intended).

You can not run a healthy, successful legitimate national/international investment market that is just a deregulated ponzi scheme based on hucksterism and confidence schemes with all the resulting corrupt and misleading information. Who would knowingly play in that pool?

You'll make more money with everyone in otherwise you're just churning capital, registering fees and working with 1% of the population incestuously. No growth, no manufacturing, no good.

The current bastardized unregulated system is completely unacceptable and not worthy of my time, trust or money.

Trust is the operative word here. I can't believe the people working in this industry are too stupid to know whats good for them.

Check it Wall Street - there are trillions of dollars sitting out there waiting to get back in the game - but not until you clean up your act, clean house and re-set your priorities. Banking should be boring. That's why there is Vegas.

goodnight and good luck - idiots

Take action here and here

"Children in eastern Kentucky draw creeks black. They don’t know they're supposed to run clear." -- Ashley Judd

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The world wisely prefers happiness to wisdom.

~ Will Durant
A sobering tidbit from BP's instruction manual for company spokespeople dealing with oil spills: "No statement shall be made containing ... Promises that property, ecology, or anything else will be restored to normal."
This Just In: Politicians Lie !!!! I fell for this one when it first came out - how about you...
Oil Spill Photo Gallery - Send in the liberals to clean up the cocky bastards mess...
Satellite images have revealed a 10-mile-long slick from another drilling rig - Yep another rig is leaking oil in the Gulf -
From Tampa - Oil Tracker - Gallons Spilled - BP ordered short cut on day of blast...
The number of spills from offshore oil rigs and pipelines in U.S. waters more than quadrupled this decade...obviously no need for regulations.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Life is life - whether in a cat, or dog or man. There is no difference there between a cat or a man. The idea of difference is a human conception for man's own advantage.

~ Sri Aurobindo

Solar World Round Up - 6/7/10

While the parrots in congress bought and paid for by Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Nuclear continue to screw up the planet for the rest of us we live through an all too real version of Keystone Cops, chasing our tails and being stupid retards. With apologies to the mentally handicap being retarded has nothing to do with mental disability. In fact people with mental disabilities "get it" versus our new 21st century retards who worship money and ignore sustainability.

The fact remains because we worship money and not gods green earth we are beyond retarded, ignorant and just plain drool mouthed stupid. It's right in front of our eyes every day. So what do we do? We continue to not only saturate the earth with poison and man made chemicals that in turn give us cancer but take, take, take from the oceans and land without any clue towards restoration or sustainability or regard for the necessity of the environment to remain pristine in order for us to live upon the Earth. We literally have the people who make money off of that stupid paradigm fighting tooth and nail with actual guns and money for the right to continue to keep raping and pillaging the land as if that's going to get us anywhere other than sick and extinct. Now that's what I call retarded. The powers that be have got it as backwards and as wrong as you can possible get it.

In the meantime those of us not born into it or sold out to it continue to fight to get our collective priorities straightened out.

Here's what the rest of the world is doing while the morons at BP devastate the entire market system just like their kool-aid drinking brothers in the financial markets have done. Drill baby drill - how about get a clue baby get a clue - its that big bright yellow thing in the sky - you stupid, fucking retarded morons and your paid for whore mouth pieces.
Solar World Round -Up June 7, 2010

Going solar: Local construction firm builds model home

Wood said solar energy is basically categorized as solar thermal and solar electric. Thermal captures and turns sun rays into heat to warm the home or water ...

Solar Air Powered Air Conditioning Comes To Dubai
In essence the evaporation process transports thermal energy (heat) from the water to the salt. The temperature difference increases until a maximum ...

Chinese Solar Energy Industry Has An Optimistic Outlook
In the future, solar applications will be focused on solar thermal powers and solar PV energy. Solar thermal power applications include electricity generation, hot water, drying, air conditioners, and greenhouse and so on. ...

Energy for the future - Solar projects in Morocco
According to Morocco's national electricity utility, the project could use photovoltaic and solar thermal technologies that will cover 10000 hectares

Thermodynamic solars: a new italian technology

Encouraging news in the renewable energy come from solar thermal industry that, in 2009, has experienced considerable growth and that seems destined to play ...

India´s "New Solar Mission" opens doors for fast development ...
CSP Today is the leading business intelligence, news and events company focused exclusively on the concentrated solar thermal power industry. ...

Czech Republic, Taiwan Building Massive Solar Plants

While Nelumbo is one of the most experienced companies in solar thermal power in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, they handed the production of this solar ...

Necessity is the Mother of Invention...

Pat Toomey Lacks Vision

Pat Toomey is the Republican Candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania. He is running against Joe Sestak. Pat Toomey has announced he would promote and push for more off shore drilling if he gets elected. He claims it will create jobs, and apparently is still peddling the old canard jobs versus the environment. It's a shame but the GOP will always be the Grand Oil Party until there is no more money in it.

Contrary to the old jobs versus the environment excuse for being lazy and stupid more jobs will be created, we will lessen our dependence on foreign oil, and reduce the national security risks implicit in that decades long folly by switching to clean energy sources now, today.

The jobs will be in developing, researching, upgrading and investing in solar, wind and geothermal as well as conservation measures meant to protect and clean the environment from two centuries of exploitation, degradation and saturation with made made chemicals that are giving us all cancer at an ever increasing rate. Unless you like your strawberries covered in pesticides and no they don't wash off - they seep into the fruit - don't vote for anyone stuck in the past.

Dirty energy sources have gotten us to the 21st century but their time has come to an end. There are too many people and too much reliance on electricity to make continuing with last centuries technologies viable.

Time doesn't stand still and praying, hoping, thinking that it does and not making clear eyed decisions on the facts at hand is detrimental to our very survival as a nation and a planet.

Two facts remain - profit margin has to be taken out of the equation as the number one, be all, and only consideration when making decisions. Making a buck is fine but not at the greater expense of the macro-economy.

Simply stated you can not eat money. The environment has to be cleaned, scrubbed and restored to pristine condition - starting today - now.

The generation that does this will see an abundance beyond imagination. All the proceeding generations have done is take by any means possible. We have depleted the oceans and spoiled the land and made ourselves sick. Now is the time to restore and heal the planet and ourselves. Dirty energy is a fools game.

Fact two a healthy and pristine environment will lead, promote and sustain a healthy, clean and pristine economy by lowering health care, ridding the world of cancer and enabling small businesses to flourish again, and grow.

Quite frankly the Pat Toomey's of the world lack the vision to lead us into an era of prosperity through the restoration of the planet and the sustainability of the markets. He sounds like just another typical politician protecting the few at the top of big business, their minions and mouthpieces to the detriment of us all.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Strangeness is the indispensable condiment of all beauty.

~ Charles Baudelaire
There is the physical body, there is the mental body, there is the spiritual body. They are one. They each have their attributes. They each have their weaknesses. They each have their associations. Yet they must be all coordinated.

Edgar Cayce Reading 1579-1
"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." - Albert Einstein

Friday, June 04, 2010

Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance?

~ Lewis Caroll

Pirate Radio - Movie Review

If you love music you will love this movie. If you have any idea how hard it is to be a DJ and be able to play the music you want to play - you will love this movie. If you worked at a college radio station and know how hard it is to actually start a station - you will love this movie. If you hate government oppression and the hypocrisy of the cultural war foisted on the hippies who weren't looking to threaten anyone - you will love this movie.

Yes Kenneth Branagh's character is a parody but he plays it straight and it's not hard to imagine complete jackasses like him wielding their power because it gets them off. We have an abundance of politicians living in their insulated bubbles who think they are god in this country so you'll get the portrayal. I couldn't help but think of Cheney while watching Kenneth.

Also starring Bill Nighy an awesome actor of understated delivery. I recommend you delve into his other work out at Net Flix. Philip Seymour Hoffman is a top shelf actor, deep, and an all time favorite.

This is a fun, light romp. It is after all a movie made by a romantic comedy director. It could have (should have) been heavier handed so its a bit on the fluff side and might have been better served if it ramped up the real drama and effort, in getting the station started and the politics that were perhaps not so cut and dry. But Hoffman brings it home with the proper amount of righteousness from time to time.

Four stars for righteous rockin' rebellion, good tunes and an honest portrayal of the threatened minions of fear - who shiver in the face of freedom, hippies, and a more fair, sustainable, and equitable world but relish their power and control over things they don't understand or things that call into question their assumptions so readily assumed and their unquestioned life.

Desperately hang onto your power boys at the end of the day its your only friend.

The movie not as heavy as that diatribe and only based on the real events and forces at play nonetheless it is a portrayal ( a comic one) of those who strive for freedom superimposed onto the skeleton of reality. The movie still serves a worthy message about the pointless cultural war and the hypocrisy of "their" freedom. You are free if you act, dress and do like them.

For those of us not willing to sell out the struggle continues......

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sixty minutes of thinking of any kind is bound to lead to confusion and unhappiness.

~ Henry Ford
Why should man expect his prayer for mercy to be heard by What is above him when he shows no mercy to what is under him?

~ Pierre Troubetzkoy
“Everything natural, every flower or tree, and every animal have important lessons to teach us….” Eckhart Tolle
Live every day like it's your last, 'cause one day you're gonna be right.

~ Ray Charles
Joy has no cost.

Marianne Williamson

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

"When it comes to touring, I get this bolt of energy that comes from, somewhere -- I guess from the gods. I'm doing really good right about now." -- Gregg Allman