Friday, September 07, 2012

Vote Democrat For Everything!


I used to write, implore and pontificate about ignoring the little D or R after a candidates name and challenged people to vote for the most qualified candidate regardless of party affiliation.  A pragmatist and moderate that could negotiate, compromise and get things done is my kind of politician.  I advocated this belief system from 1972 to 2008. 

I felt as I do now that we need to govern this Country from a practical point of view.  For instance people will always seek out abortions whether legal or not.  So our choices are to let women die in back alleys using hangers because we are intolerant of any other beliefs or circumstances than our own or if one of our loved ones is in a jam and needs an abortion for whatever reason (no one "wants" an abortion) then she should have access to that medical procedure, safely, privately between her own doctor and conscience.  That's it - period.

We can't legislate morality.  Remember prohibition and the murdering gangsters?  Not unlike the Cocaine Cowboys that shot up Miami and the gangs blasting up Mexico right now TODAY if marijuana was legal it would be out in the light of day.  There we could manage it much like we manage and treat alcohol.

Moderates used to come in all sizes and shapes but now there are no more moderates in the Republican Party.  Regardless of what their latest beliefs are they can not govern without moderates.  Because without moderates you just have ideologues and because ideologues govern from a strict doctrine they are more suitable for a religion than governing.   

Ideologues no matter what their ideals make horrible leaders turning to Fascism and Totalitarianism right before our eyes as they seek to inflict their will on everyone else.  In case you have not noticed and you shouldn't let it scare you this is not a one size fits all world.  The diversity is what makes it interesting and fun.  The economy absolutely depends upon it and the richness of our life that surrounds us from the environment we find ourselves born into and to the man made creations of art, literature, music and community depend on that diversity.

In fact our very health depends on our diversity otherwise we breed ourselves right into extinction.  That's why you are not allowed to marry your cousin.

The Democratic Party for better or worse is the home of diversity and the Republican Party the home of some sort of twisted theocracy that proclaims Jesus and Christianity but ignores that religions tenants and seeks to impose an arcane vision of intolerance and repression onto all of us as if what's different about us scares them to death.

Talk about a slippery slop the Republicans are just steps away from outlawing our right to assemble, tossing people from hearings, our right to free speech, and eliminating our right to self determination.  The end result is total and complete gridlock in Congress.

They have taken an oath against taxes the same taxes that pave our roads, build our cities, schools, and universities, fund our research and science and military.  Some how they have decided that government is bad.  As if to assemble peacefully and govern for the good of the whole Country is an evil.

They are wrong of course governments aren't bad people are bad and unyielding bullies are the worst.  They certainly make poor leaders but excellent war lords and dictators.

So until the Republicans wake up and realize what it takes to govern successfully for the whole of the country, and not just the pursuit of their own riches and careers I am voting Democratic for EVERYTHING.

Every position that comes up the Democratic man or woman will get my vote.  From dog catcher to President and all Senators and Congressmen in between.

We have to restart the Country and the only way to get anything accomplished is to give the Democratic Party a filibuster proof majority.  Then we can move forward.  If not the ideologues who all reside in the Republican party will block and impede all progress until they get their way....much like spoiled children who do not realize, appreciate, or care that there are other people in the room.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Will I live longer than my cat?

A wonderfully wry piece of writing!

BBC News - Will I live longer than my cat?: If we are just adding years to life, rather than life to years, then we may not have so much to look forward to.