Monday, November 21, 2005


Vision is gone from governing and the expediency of getting elected and keeping that job is more important. These guys spend millions of dollars to get elected to a thousand dollar a year job. The insider perks must be amazing. These guys are willing to say and do anything. That right there is the root of the problem.

We won't be able to pull out of Iraq until the political risk of supporting the war and loosing your place at the political table becomes too great. That tide may indeed be turning. Iran then steps into the void and sends troops into Iraq to quell the Sunni’s and we are right back where we started when Saddam was fighting the Iranians. The supporters of democracy will be run off (again) and the women will loose whatever rights they are nurturing right now.

Iraq has arbitrary borders drawn by the British after world war two. To me split that country back up into its natural population centers. Too bad the Sunni’s don’t have oil and the Shiites enslave their women. Why should we die to enlighten them or should we? Aren’t we here to help one another? Isn’t that the grand design? Shouldn’t we just lead by example? Aren’t we setting a poor example right now? I don’t know. But the Kurds can govern themselves and so what if Turkey doesn’t like it and Iran has more influence in the south. Something tells me the Shiites aren’t going to get pushed around. Democracy and freedom can come to the Kurds and the rest can pound sand. So let the pull out begin and the natural order of things take shape. The only problem is that those trying to capitalize on the economic opportunities have their politicians in place, and they want all of Iraq, which leads me to the biggest Dick (Cheney).

Are you sick of Dick Cheney's “reprehensible” attitude? He speaks up with that I'm your father do as I say ‘tude and it's just crap. That overblown arrogance isn’t fooling anyone anymore. Someone tell him to shut up. His self righteousness smacks of such self patronage as he keeps padding his personal income by awarding contracts to Halliburton.

The glimmer of hope is to look at Vietnam - after that stupid slaughter it has somehow become peaceful with a growing market economy. Maybe violence and war is like a mood that somehow has to run its course. After people tire of the blood letting it's over. The rest of us won't resort to it and find it hard to understand in the first place, but unfortunately there are many who strive for power and feel that violence is the way. If we shrink from the hard contest then the bolder and louder will pass us by. In hindsight we should have removed Saddam like we removed Noriega and left. Panama seems fine now. It’s certainly not as noisy as Iraq. Ulterior motives and honesty is out of fashion. Power and greed lead the way. It’s ugly and dangerous isn’t it?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Open Letter To Virginia Pilot Newspaper

Hey all - click on the live link writing a letter to the editor has never been easier below is my effort!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Virginian-Pilot
P.O. Box 449
Norfolk, VA 23510 - 2018

Dear Editor,

The idea that the oil executives can testify before congress without taking an oath and Ted Stevens gets to bark down his fellow representatives without repercussion is reprehensible. Mr. Stevens should be brought up on ethics charges for his petulant behavior. Are our energy executives above protocol and the law? Our current set of representatives act like dictators as if the American people don't have a right to honesty and integrity.

Dick Cheney can come out every now and then and speak with conviction like he's our nations conscience, but when he doesn't come forward voluntarily with who was on the energy task force that shaped our nations policy, one has to ask just what is it that is so egregious that he is hiding.

Until this administration comes forward cleanly, and honestly all matter of speculation will continue and it will be bad for the economy, the troops, and the nation as a whole. Democracy cannot tolerate a government run in secrecy.



Friday, November 18, 2005

Corporate Media

Big corporate media has consolidated and owns the majority of the major outlets both television and newspaper. The large corporate dominated media speaks with one voice and provides funds for the politicians that will represent their corporate interest on Capital Hill. If everyone is on the same team saying the same things how can a journalist or newscasters say something different and not run afoul of their boss? News reporting is about different points of view and much more than just repeating what those in power want you to say or print. News reporting in this country is on the verge of being hijacked by a big federal government and turned into a propaganda machine the likes of which we fought against coming out of the Soviet Union during the cold war.

Independent journalism is the only hope in countries of repressive regimes and the United States should be a beckon of independent news reporting no matter how hurtful it may seem to someone’s political allegiance. Real world concerns about the politics at their work place hinder newscasters and reporters from doing their job and their ability to honestly report the news if they are worried about what their boss thinks, and the pressure he might be under to tow the company line. That pressure comes from some larger corporate conglomerate trying to curry favor with an administration to protect or enhance their overall bottom line and thus excelling at their corporate self interest. That becomes a conflict of interest because they are also in the news business. Because their holdings are also in the news busines they have a duty greater than their bottom line to the populace and the nation.

It is the duty to uphold the independent status and nature of news reporting, and insulate those news agencies from outside political pressure. News reporting needs to be insulated from the control of power and money with direct political ties especially during this almost Orwellian time of consolidation. Opposing points of view are important to give to the general public so they can make an informed decision. The news reporting services have a greater allegiance to be the fourth wing of the government, independent, truthful and factual. Sometimes our patriotism gets hijacked by blind party loyalty. But the news industry has a historic and patriotic duty to shine a light on the truth and insure that honorable men and women represent our nation’s best interest. Corporate America has to do all that it can to insulate the news reporting arm of their corporate empires so that they can do the peoples business fairly, honestly and openly. It will be a better country for it, and it is their patriotic duty. It is what the founding fathers of our country intended. They knew how vital a free and independent press was to freedom and in keeping an eye on power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and freedom requires constant vigilance.