Friday, November 18, 2005

Corporate Media

Big corporate media has consolidated and owns the majority of the major outlets both television and newspaper. The large corporate dominated media speaks with one voice and provides funds for the politicians that will represent their corporate interest on Capital Hill. If everyone is on the same team saying the same things how can a journalist or newscasters say something different and not run afoul of their boss? News reporting is about different points of view and much more than just repeating what those in power want you to say or print. News reporting in this country is on the verge of being hijacked by a big federal government and turned into a propaganda machine the likes of which we fought against coming out of the Soviet Union during the cold war.

Independent journalism is the only hope in countries of repressive regimes and the United States should be a beckon of independent news reporting no matter how hurtful it may seem to someone’s political allegiance. Real world concerns about the politics at their work place hinder newscasters and reporters from doing their job and their ability to honestly report the news if they are worried about what their boss thinks, and the pressure he might be under to tow the company line. That pressure comes from some larger corporate conglomerate trying to curry favor with an administration to protect or enhance their overall bottom line and thus excelling at their corporate self interest. That becomes a conflict of interest because they are also in the news business. Because their holdings are also in the news busines they have a duty greater than their bottom line to the populace and the nation.

It is the duty to uphold the independent status and nature of news reporting, and insulate those news agencies from outside political pressure. News reporting needs to be insulated from the control of power and money with direct political ties especially during this almost Orwellian time of consolidation. Opposing points of view are important to give to the general public so they can make an informed decision. The news reporting services have a greater allegiance to be the fourth wing of the government, independent, truthful and factual. Sometimes our patriotism gets hijacked by blind party loyalty. But the news industry has a historic and patriotic duty to shine a light on the truth and insure that honorable men and women represent our nation’s best interest. Corporate America has to do all that it can to insulate the news reporting arm of their corporate empires so that they can do the peoples business fairly, honestly and openly. It will be a better country for it, and it is their patriotic duty. It is what the founding fathers of our country intended. They knew how vital a free and independent press was to freedom and in keeping an eye on power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and freedom requires constant vigilance.

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