Saturday, November 19, 2005

Open Letter To Virginia Pilot Newspaper

Hey all - click on the live link writing a letter to the editor has never been easier below is my effort!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Virginian-Pilot
P.O. Box 449
Norfolk, VA 23510 - 2018

Dear Editor,

The idea that the oil executives can testify before congress without taking an oath and Ted Stevens gets to bark down his fellow representatives without repercussion is reprehensible. Mr. Stevens should be brought up on ethics charges for his petulant behavior. Are our energy executives above protocol and the law? Our current set of representatives act like dictators as if the American people don't have a right to honesty and integrity.

Dick Cheney can come out every now and then and speak with conviction like he's our nations conscience, but when he doesn't come forward voluntarily with who was on the energy task force that shaped our nations policy, one has to ask just what is it that is so egregious that he is hiding.

Until this administration comes forward cleanly, and honestly all matter of speculation will continue and it will be bad for the economy, the troops, and the nation as a whole. Democracy cannot tolerate a government run in secrecy.



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