Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Take Back America Big Oil Pays ZERO Federal Tax

One of the Tea Bags assertions is that the left doesn't support the Constitution. Well I'm hear to say that is dead wrong. Their is no way I'm going to let a fringe group hell bent on taking our liberties away claim they are the owners or sole supporters of the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights.

I would advise everyone be careful where you get your news from. All of our major media outlets are owned by large corporations.

I think we all agree that large corporations only focus on their profits.

A blind focus on profit in a single market sector is not how you govern a country.

I'm glad everyone is focused back on fiscal responsibility but even Regan knew the benefits of deficit spending and when Bush was in charge they called it capital expenditure (investment).

The faux divide among the people - is this - you are free to live your life any way you see fit but when you impose your way of life on others - people will push back - so go to your church of choice and have a nice day - and live and let live.

In the meantime the Corporations write the laws that have screwed up this Country because they don't take into account each other and the entire macroeconomic reality. BP cuts corners to make profit builds faulty rig and destroys fishing industry.

If they had any respect for the entire market or understanding of how the whole market system works they would voluntarily take into account their impact on the other industries small to large that need the ocean as well.

But they don't because their sole focus is to increase profit with blinders on at any and all cost.

Like it or not the markets need oversight so all the factors at play can operate together and in unison.

Exxon Mobil made 19 BILLION dollars in profit LAST YEAR and paid ZERO taxes - that's a fact - re-read that line. 19 Billion with a "B" and Zero taxes - a heck of lot less than you or I paid.

That's YOUR government at work - its been like that for decades. Its going to take all of us out here pulling together in the same direction to make sure that blatant abuses like that change - and soon.

So whether you are gay, straight, go to Church, think the whole Earth is Church and everyday and everything is holy, whether you are black, white, Hispanic, love guns, hate guns, want to protect animals and gods creation or want to blow up mountain tops, whether you want clean energy or think the status quo is just fine - whether you fear change or welcome it - no matter what your opinions are about anything.....WE HAVE ALL GOT TO STICK order to get Exxon/Mobil to pay their damn taxes.

They set up this kabuki theater to get us distracted while behind the scenes they are misdirecting our tax dollars - taking our jobs overseas, driving down our wages, outlawing unions - outlawing class action law suits and getting rid of anything that stands in their way of taking as much gold, power and privilege as they can - while we fight over what - Glenn Beck - stop being so easily distracted.

By the way Chevron got a tax refund on top of their billions in profit - kinda stings doesn't it - that's the headline we should see and hear but not with consolidated corporate media outlets. It's nowhere to be found.

All of a sudden the big oil companies are worried about jobs and their poor worker bees we need to get back to work drilling lift the moratorium - NO WAY - don't be a sucker - all they want to do is turn that money machine back on.

You want people back to work change the laws that so heavily favor the status quo and engage, invest, promote and train the green economy that is busting at the seams to get going. The Status quo Big Oil, and Big Coal is all that stands in the way.

Good for them right bare knuckled politics and business its the american way - except its being extremely counter productive these days. It's out of balance and out of whack. Make money but don't rig the system so bad that you don't even pay taxes and literally enjoy sticking it to the middle class.

Focus people and stop fighting with each other - the enemy is corruption and greed, a lack of ethics and conflict of interest in all of our Big organizations whether its our politicians or our captains of industry.

Its "not" Big Government vs Big Corporations choose a side - the web is too fine and infiltrates both camps. Their is a cooperation of greed, and lust for power entwined between both Your Government and Your Corporations that have the privilege of our military and safe society to do business in - do we get any consideration for that - Nope - they take it for granted and screw us.

Corporate America and their blind focus on profit before people, profit before earth, profit before war. They'll kill innocent women and children to get at the resources....who's God supports that?

Career politicians grubbing for money willing to sell out their constituents to keep their jobs - its the same thing.

Stop fighting with each other none of us out here have made the decisions to enable the bastards in either camp to literally get away with murder. Get out and vote and do not fall for empty rhetoric and push for change.

First up in my book Exxon/Mobil and Big Oil have to pay some damn taxes - paying nothing is completely unacceptable. The resources they sell come from under OUR nations ground - they belong to YOU the Public - the PEOPLE.

By the people, of the people, for the people. We ALL LOVE the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We hate cheats, liars, frauds, hypocrites and blow hards. Fill out a petition call your representatives -- and turn off the damn TV.

Take action now!

Paul Burke
Author - Journey Home

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