Monday, June 07, 2010

Pat Toomey Lacks Vision

Pat Toomey is the Republican Candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania. He is running against Joe Sestak. Pat Toomey has announced he would promote and push for more off shore drilling if he gets elected. He claims it will create jobs, and apparently is still peddling the old canard jobs versus the environment. It's a shame but the GOP will always be the Grand Oil Party until there is no more money in it.

Contrary to the old jobs versus the environment excuse for being lazy and stupid more jobs will be created, we will lessen our dependence on foreign oil, and reduce the national security risks implicit in that decades long folly by switching to clean energy sources now, today.

The jobs will be in developing, researching, upgrading and investing in solar, wind and geothermal as well as conservation measures meant to protect and clean the environment from two centuries of exploitation, degradation and saturation with made made chemicals that are giving us all cancer at an ever increasing rate. Unless you like your strawberries covered in pesticides and no they don't wash off - they seep into the fruit - don't vote for anyone stuck in the past.

Dirty energy sources have gotten us to the 21st century but their time has come to an end. There are too many people and too much reliance on electricity to make continuing with last centuries technologies viable.

Time doesn't stand still and praying, hoping, thinking that it does and not making clear eyed decisions on the facts at hand is detrimental to our very survival as a nation and a planet.

Two facts remain - profit margin has to be taken out of the equation as the number one, be all, and only consideration when making decisions. Making a buck is fine but not at the greater expense of the macro-economy.

Simply stated you can not eat money. The environment has to be cleaned, scrubbed and restored to pristine condition - starting today - now.

The generation that does this will see an abundance beyond imagination. All the proceeding generations have done is take by any means possible. We have depleted the oceans and spoiled the land and made ourselves sick. Now is the time to restore and heal the planet and ourselves. Dirty energy is a fools game.

Fact two a healthy and pristine environment will lead, promote and sustain a healthy, clean and pristine economy by lowering health care, ridding the world of cancer and enabling small businesses to flourish again, and grow.

Quite frankly the Pat Toomey's of the world lack the vision to lead us into an era of prosperity through the restoration of the planet and the sustainability of the markets. He sounds like just another typical politician protecting the few at the top of big business, their minions and mouthpieces to the detriment of us all.

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