Friday, June 25, 2010

Voice of the Wetlands

Last week, President Obama gave an Oval Office address on the oil leak in the Gulf. I am asking you all take the words as they are and decide if they say the right things for you. If they do not, then it is your responsibility to respond to the person saying them. If you agree, then it is your responsibility to hold them accountable for those promises. The most effective way to respond and be heard is to call the White House and your representatives and talk to someone personally about your feelings and your ideas about how you think things should be handled in your area.

I know this sounds like some far-fetched social motivational rhetoric, but this cuts straight to the root of all of our problems in this country. If we can fix the root, the tree can continue to grow healthier and stronger everyday. This is about real freedom - the freedom from governmental control! Only you can fight for that. It takes masses of individuals to make the kind of changes that we all want. Remember "We The People"? We all have to motivate each other to stay involved in our government.

Everyone is watching. Everyone is active. Everyone is responsible. This is how you restore balance and balance is key to our situation. The door is still open, but I'm afraid that the disasters we face put more and more power into the hands of the government each time they occur, and we are allowed less and less freedom to help ourselves and each other. Do not be afraid. Dig for truth. Make the calls. Show up to public meetings. Accept the challenge and you will find that there are great rewards for being involved. Even when things look bleak and frustrations are running high, staying in the game is always better than sitting at home and wallowing in the results. These are our defining moments.

Tab Benoit, President/Founder
Voice of the Wetlands

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