Thursday, April 12, 2007

Goodbye Kurt - I'll Miss You!!!!!

Dies and will the world mourn - nah - we are much to worried about Don Imus's career - dear lord - we have lost our way. What is rich and wonderful in our lives is pushed to the back burners and discarded, disregarded and dismissed while the noisy drum beat of commerce pollutes the very air we breath. I love the market economy - just not the mismanagement of our resources, planet and lives. Kurt like an arrow pierced through with insight and blasted like a howitzer the truth of ourselves. Technology and mankind's inventions do not travel in a straight line with our collective survival and growth. We have been given judgment to use. The issue is self control. Can we control the evil that is mixed with the good that has been given to us in ourselves and our realities? Can we not think for ourselves by our own observations and learning and stop being lazy parrots of the status quo?

I loved Kurt's books they let me know that others were not blindly accepting the dictates of the status quo. His books gave me hope and inspiration. There will never be another. Goodnight Kurt keep this realm in your heart and look after us if you can. The infinite and the finite co-mingle on this planet. Kurt was a conduit for both.

Love your friend,


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