Tuesday, September 27, 2005

George Bush Friend of the Environment

George sucks. Today he wants us to drive less? He's starting to worry about oil impacting the economy and his stock portfolio. His great conservation move is to tell us to all stay home while his jet setters and rich and famous friends fly around the world on vacation and business. His solution is that the middle class has to stay home because there isn't enough oil to go around!

We certainly don't want the precious stock market to falter and the fat cats loose their profit margins and earnings in their portfolios. We certainly don't want their plane tickets to go up and prevent them from winging it to the south of France. This is unbelievable we save and scrimp all year so we can vacation or visit family. If George wants to do something to save his valuation in his stock portfolio maybe he should rethink subsidizing the timber industry to the tune of 49 million dollars and collecting only 800,000 thousand in royalties. Maybe he should ask for the billions in subsidies back from the oil companies to spend on developing more fuel efficient cars? Nope he has the gall to ask us to restrict our freedom so his lifestyle won't change. He has done nothing but absolutely nothing to make the environment better and to reduce our dependency on foreign oil. His record is horrendous. He has done for the United States exactly what he did for Texas as Governor. Go to hell George. Americans don't change your habits. The only time these guys will enact common sense laws good for the majority is when the stock market starts to tank. Canceling school in Georgia to save oil so the economy doesn't take a hit speaks volumes. Do you think your politician’s priorities are just a little wrong there?

Read Tim Dickson's short article published in September's issue of Rolling Stone highlighting George's Compassionate Conservative attitude towards God's Green Earth and you!


Anonymous said...

Do you even realize that Bush didn't create this crises? You know who did?

1. environmentalists movements - there hasn't been a new refinery built in this country in over 30 years! The last nuclear power plant that opened was in the late 1970's. What does that mean you ask? that means we haven't increased our production of oil and energy in 30 years! we are still using the same supplies that we used 30 years ago.

2. Oil company's - who sets the price of gas? the gas station doesn't. The government doesn't. The oil company's do. Do you ever wonder why the price of gas is almost the exact same at stations within a mile of each other? because they buy gas at the same price no matter what refinery they purchase it from. What does that mean you might ask? It means that every oil company is selling their refined gas at the same price. Seems kind of fishy to me.

3. Alternate fuel sources - why did the Volkswagen Beatle get 60 mpg in the late 60's and no one can build a car now that can get over 30 mpg without it being a sub compact that you can barely fit a mouse into?

4. Do you still think it's all W's fault? What about Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton they are all responsible as is the Senate and Legislature for the past 30 years. But W. gets the blame because he is the easy target. Look at yourself in the mirror who did you vote for? Did you vote to save the humpback turtle? That vote kept a refinery from being built! It's your fault as much as it is W's. That is the great thing about America you can pick up a phone and call your congressman and senator you can send him an e-mail you can picket his office you can make yourself heard. So instead of blaming W blame yourself! What have you done to bring down the price of gas?

Paul Burke said...

"It's your fault as much as it is W's."

That's almost as good as Michael from the "I just have to say blog" stating W. is a self made millionaire. LOL

By the way you can get gas for $2.15 a gallon across the border in Mexico. In case any of you San Diego folks want to scurry across the border.

As far as new refineries go - there are two arguments -

One - those gosh darn environmentalist stopped our poor little corporation from building refineries all over the world because they are so big and powerful and we can hardly stand up to them in Congress. They get their way all of the time. Those darned citizen groups are too big a match for our poor under funded industry lobbyist.

Two - market manipulations to limit output to drive the price up as in the rolling blackouts in California back in Enron’s hey day.

Obviously it's all the environmentalists fault since they are behind the power of the throne in that "well oiled" White House.

Now the push - spin- will be to roll back environmental laws and more tax dollar give aways to the oil companies to build more refineries - since everyone agrees that is what the problem is - so whose making money on this deal - big oil of course and the tax payers get raped.

If you want cheaper gasoline the oil companies now get to pollute your air, water and food chain like the good old days. It's not a done deal yet but that's the next push - spin. The powerful get richer and the tax payers get screwed and the politicians suck up to the powerful to keep their jobs - this is not a big mystery here - just life - it doesn't make it right.

We need a government of the people by the people for the people who will stand up to big oil and say - okay boys record profits - you've had your fun - it's time to be responsible corporate citizens again. You see we have gotten away from the Jeffersonian idea of good citizenry. We have run this string of rugged individualism out beyond to the point where it's now hurting the country. Corporate America should be mindful of the Country in which they do business, and it’s health and well being. In other words corporate profit is great until it damages the health of the citizens and runs up health care costs, pollutes the rivers and bankrupts the small fisherman and oyster harvesters and all the small business they support up and down our water ways – including tourist dollars. Blame anybody you want it doesn't get the job done.

The big picture – we need to look at the big picture and the inter connectedness of our environmental and financial system. If we change all the rules to just benefit the big players on the block we’ll end up in that Orwellian universe before we know it. Not taking into account the intricate balance of nature in our pursuit of profit is short sighted. And since we are linked completely into the environmental grid through the air we breathe and food we eat - I don't think we should put profit ahead of the environment. Besides all these born again republicans should be cherishing god’s creation (the earth and all that is in it) instead of loosening environmental laws to feed their campaign war chests.

It’s quite disappointing that they apparently just use religion to gain power politically and personally. Otherwise they would hold God's creation sacred and do what they could to protect it. I'm sorry the dismantling of the environmental laws and the pandering to religious born agains is just hypocrisy and pure evil. The Earth first it's what really sustains use before any economic systems ever evolved. Earth first it's where all the natural resources come from that are used for profit in the market. It’s the Earth first and then the national defense of our country and then profit for industry. Any other order and we have misplaced priorities that can not succeed in the long term. Hey I own stock but I don't want all the oyster beds in the gulf to be so tainted we can't harvest them.

Besides how big is too big and we put all the fishermen out of business because Exxon Mobil doesn't want to cut into their profit margins because of some economic theory as outdated as Lenin says to maximize profit at any and all costs. Baloney our health and the health of the planet is too high a price to pay so some CEO can ratchet up his statistics, pay and clout. A healthy environment for both the environment and business can be balanced rationally. But as long as we are playing the win at all cost let’s see how much we can get away with game we are bound to just be shooting ourselves in the foot.

What's fair, balanced or even conservative about ignoring the economic impact of pollution? It's pretty radical and very liberal not to hold the oil companies accountable and to demand that they work in harmony within the environmental frame work that is our reality. We let them just degrade the environment because they are a business. What's the rational? Huge corporate profits - huge CEO salaries. The one excuse they always lean on is jobs – the ultimate scare tactic. Well no one is asking them to go out of business just to be responsible corporate citizens in the true Jeffersonian idea. It would help if we all became good citizens, emphasized that in schools and cared less about each others personal beliefs, personal predilections and private lives. Why do we even talk about abortion as if everyone is supposed to believe in the same religion? We have freedom of choice in this country how does that not extend to women and their right to govern their own affairs in whether to start a family or not? We have lost our focus.