Monday, September 27, 2010

Republicans, Bullies and Greed

The over simplified concept that leaves out the necessity and need for government, assumes that markets work in a vacuum freely (they don't and they never have) and that men aren't crooks, liars, cheats, and greedy.

The crisis is one of principle as well.

If the powers that be weren't gaming the system through bribes (lobbying) to maximize their profit margins we wouldn't be in this mess.

Small government is a wonderful idea but it better be powerful because what the status quo really wants is an inept, powerless cop on the beat so they can rob us blind (our tax dollars) park that money off shore thereby pulling it out of our markets completely. It renders the money useless and stored as if literally under a mattress.

Necessity is the mother of invention and so education has to be improved. If you want the so called lazy people (those disenfranchised by no fault of their own) to again have a productive life you have to SHARE the tools with them to achieve that productive life.

At the end of the day money is just a tool. It's how we use it that tells us who and what we are, and greedy little whores make terrible sheriffs.

The idea is to "govern" enforce the anti-trust act and stop selling out. Unfortunately our political system the way it is designed right now rewards the sell out.

Fair election laws and public financing take the bribery out of the system. But men being what they are crooks, liars, hypocrites and cheats struggling for power to stroke their own ego will stop at nothing.

When profit is the end all be all goal of existence this is the world we get. A world of resource wars and a vast divide between the haves and the have nots. Fairer more equitable societies are more peaceful and that affects productivity in a very positive way. So if you want productivity make it an equitable society.

Ethics, conflict of interest and a real gut check as to what is it we are actually doing and trying to accomplish with our existence needs to be addressed.

Otherwise we are doomed to our orchestrated treadmill money chase that benefits the few at the top of this so called fair market pyramid scheme, and we are left to wonder why our lives are so busy, but un-fulfilling.

We have a nice market idea of a system but it has been so fully corrupted that it is sputtering and almost inoperable and right now benefits the few.

That will change hopefully peacefully. Making government so small "you can drown it in the bathtub" as one right wing bully thief spoke isn't the answer either.

We are already the lest taxed western civilization and lowering taxes isn't a panacea when you are trying to "govern" a continent and market sector with global ramifications.

It's time to spend those tax dollars more wisely yes but not going off on resource wars rather by unbridling the strangle hold the status quo has on the economy and politics.

That is the way out of our self inflicted wounds. Wounds brought on by those who govern by greed and wanting more, more, more, more and more and those servile enough to give it to them as long as they get more, more, and more.

Do you really think its lack of innovation that has kept electric cars off the road, solar panels off your roof tops, city centers from being retrofitted, high speed rail from being developed, wind farms from going up, solar thermal from being hooked up to a modern grid - NO IT IS NOT - its the vested self interest of last centuries dirty energy conglomeration that is protecting its share of the market place by hook or by crook.

A healthy law enforcing government plenty big enough to enforce the laws in a fair and equitable way to level the playing field so innovation can emerge is just exactly what is being prevented by those who have already "got theirs" and fear dramatically not being able to keep up with the Jonses.

Its all about the pathetic sociopaths and we have let these greedy psychopaths dictate our laws to us - literally by letting their minions actually write the laws and then accepting their campaign checks.

It is the status quo that shuts down innovation scoops new patents up and sidelines innovation in order to protect THEIR bottom line.

In a society that worships money and has been brain washed to see protecting the environment as a jobs cutter - do not underestimate the power of the corporate kleptocracy and their corporate owned media messaging system that for some reason forgot the lessons of sharing and the lessons of their bible.

They are the men doing the evil every minute of every day and all their nice sounding words of FREE markets, LOWER taxes are designed for one thing and one thing only - to make government impotent, useless and easily manipulated by the NEW ruling class of uber wealthy.

The richest 2% have taken over our Country and bled it dry but that's okay turn on the television, and by no means get involved or vote more than once every four years. Look the other way now you and whatever you do don't join a union. YOU can not make a difference.

Of course we all know that is utter hog wash meant to protect the hogs.

The magic of the unregulated invisible hand of the markets is no more real than the tooth fairy, and they'll steal that twenty five cents from under your pillow as well if you let them.

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