Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We Could All Be Farmers

Regulating agencies NOT doing their job - is largely due to the fact that "most" agencies have someone from the industry they are supposed to be regulating as head of the department.

Look at the Department of the Interior. The Ranchers and oil men are regulating themselves. This is called a conflict of interest and its the main cause of ineffective government. That 1800 mining law is an abomination that leaves the tax payer on the hook to clean up industry messes and lets the miners walk of with our National treasure at pennies on the dollar. (tax payers are both liberals, independents, and conservatives).

Not having the richest 2% pay their fair share of taxes and the middle class paying a higher percentage is also highway robbery. It doesn't work as an economic stimulant because the rich boys just invest it off shore and hoard it at the top.

Trickle down economics is a theory offered to justify an action and it has failed miserably as an economic model, but it was never a serious model it was just an excuse to hoard money. It obviously doesn't work or the economy would be just fine - they've had the tax breaks since Regan with a brief time out during Clinton/Gore - who amazingly managed to balance the budget...go figure.

If you would calm down and stop playing us against them - and stop treating politics as a team sport - you would realize that so called liberals and conservatives all want the same thing.

We don't want the government telling us how to live our lives.

It's not middle and lower class republicans versus democrats and is and always will be down through history and into the future -

The "haves" versus the "have nots".

Money, money, money controls access, power and decision making. If you think the NRA isn't some political juggernaut your being dishonest - but you see "guns" are a wedge issue - meant to keep the have nots squabbling amongst themselves - along with abortion and jobs versus the environment....

The jobs versus the environment wedge issue is about to go away because everyone knows around the globe that the environment is where the jobs are as clean energy emerges from behind the blocking of the dirty fuel empire that has been driving this country for 100 plus years.

Stop seeing yourself as if on a political "team" - you are - as the laws stand now - free to live your life anyway you want, buy as many guns you want and never ever practice birth control - and you can - as it strands now worship any way you want - if you want.

The problem is that when one sector of society tries to enforce its beliefs, culture, habits, lifestyle onto everyone - especially in such a huge diverse country out of fear or the need for validation - the other sectors of society push back.

Vote your conscious but don't think for a minute corporate self interest is even slightly capable of enlightened governance when they are the jerks that corrupted the system in the first place - it certainly wasn't a tree hugger.

And speaking of wedge issues - deregulation and war exploded debt versus retirement.

Know this:

Social Security is funded entirely by working Americans and their employers. It takes no money from the Treasury and has no impact on the national debt.

We could all be farmers but we bought into the capitalist system. We work until our bodies are unable to promote and advance the system which makes those at the top insanely rich. But now they want to eliminate our meager retirement security because they chip into it and want to keep even that small amount in their own over stuffed wallets to hoard.

If they want us to buy their stuff and prop up the economy - they better make sure we all have a living wage - if they crush the middle class - this Country folds and you will have even more to be angry at - but don't be duped into thinking its your fellow middle classers no matter what they vote for - but those at the top are to blame for being greedy beyond belief...and cutting their nose off to spite their face.

Try to refrain from attacking your fellow citizens - we are in no more control than you are - and to the extent that we attack each other is the extent to which the ruling elite have successfully played us off one another while they escape with our tax dollars.

For instance Exxon Mobil paid zero federal taxes while getting subsidies - if you (a conservative, tea party person) or me ( a compassionate liberal) were in charge neither of us would let those fat cats get away with something that outrageous.

The liberals are not the enemy. We are ALL being ripped off by the super rich. They are not our saviors and they are not an effective means of government. Simply put government is the policeman on the block. To the extent that policeman has been sold out, compromised and corrupted is what we all need to fix.

There is plenty of room in this world for environmentalists and sportsmen - but thinking each other is the enemy is taking our eye off the ball while the super rich game the system in their favor and rob us blind.

By the way we are one of the least taxed countries in the world - and we all hope it stays that way.

Liberal, conservative, independent, green, tea - we are all patriots who care about this country - our representatives are very vulnerable to corruption and we must fix that - fair election laws, conflict of interest and the upholding of ethics - we have to dream the dream and change what those in power want us to think is unchangeable. Money is and always has been the root of all evil.

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