Tuesday, September 14, 2010

God Made A Mistake

The senseless slaughter of god's creation is radical? You folks need to direct your anger in a more positive way. Defenders of Wildlife is just what their name say's - they defend wildlife against poisoning and barbaric man made practices.

Mankind needs an attitude adjustment and to take a huge step back. We are not gods, we are not above it all and we desperately need this planet to survive. We need to co-exist not only with each other but within our environment and maintain our environment.

Defenders for the record understands culling herds and understands big business, and the difference between the two. Politicians no matter how they appear or sell themselves are parasites and junkies for money who will sell out anything and anyone to get ahead.

We are stewards of this Earth and it is a question of sustainability and balance and quite frankly that is in all our best interest. Left unabated we'll strip our forests, kill all our fish and end up like Haiti.

Government is a necessary tool to oversee the big picture because individuals are reckless fools only looking out for themselves. They don't care to take the big picture into account because they have the mindset that its someone else's problem, and to get away with as much as they can get away with. Call it the pissing in your well water syndrome. If there is a buck to made make it and get out quick, and let the other guy (tax payer) worry about it and clean it up.

There is nothing radical at all about maintaining a healthy ecosystem and it is in our best interest economically and environmentally. It impacts our health, and economy. The slash and burn mentality of corporate profiteers who value profit margin above all because that is how they are set up to do business make a few people very, very, very, very rich. It doesn't trickle down it gets hoarded at the top and sent overseas to the Caymans and Bermuda and Switzerland. Your anger is completely mis-directed.

It's not the environmentalist who are causing you harm it's the profiteers who are thwarted by the environmentalists actions who will stop at nothing to make a buck.

If money was so essential to survival why doesn't it grow on trees? I guess God made a mistake and man is the one who is right......guess again.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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