Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Here's The Deal

Here's the deal: You have to put the bread on the table...its an expression I picked up passing two professors lamenting curriculum at Tulane on my way to freshman class.

I flunked out but my time in New Orleans has lead to a life time love affair with the City and State. You are not the only one who can digress...and that's what it is ...or as it occurs to me is a digression.

Feel your way, feel your way like the day before - the timeless journey we all take as individuals remarkable in its similarities and looking back on it now - I've done some bouncing around myself.

Although I'm a bit of a safe freak - there are some chances I took - I guess having the cops draw their guns on you - isn't really that safe or smart.

So no one has the answers - nobody knows - take care to either farm your own food or get money to buy it - those are our two choices...opting for one the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Been through stupid jobs but got to the point where I realized my job wasn't me - just the fuel that allowed me to be what I want to be...wrote the book, played the guitar, biked the parks - my to do list is endless...but that's life...listen to some old music.

Cole Porter - the stuff Sinatra sings - Doc Watson - they laid the truths out that we can understand simply and clearly...and understand this - it is all magic...every square inch of it, every second - no matter where you are or who you are it is all a created miracle - as we are the conscious and consciousness of the world no more.

It is the moment that we live in but a little planning helps those moments transition a little, smoother, lighter...although upheaval is a helluva producer.

Again nobody knows...NOBODY....emphasis mine because there are so many claiming to design the mystery is built in and that's something amazing and thankfully not taken out of the equation.

There are a million roads to travel, a million ways to be - it is not a one size fits all world...and happiness comes from inside...wherever you go what is revealed is what you bring with you...what you broadcast you receive...keep your sense of humor and remember its not "out there" but inside each one of us because we are a part of all we see not apart from the world.

No baby, family, job, career, adventure will bring happiness - its not "out there" but in how you look at it - seems stupid - the great mystery is lying quiet with our souls - if we just step out of the way for a minute.

Being a part of the world, universe, ethereal reality as opposed to a part from it - that paradigm shift would cure a lot of ills I'm skidding into politics, business, war, greed and don't want to go there....

and so I struggle to protect what has been created...I didn't put the Earth here or even myself or maybe I did put myself here -right now with my extenuating circumstances in order to evolve through the finite into the infinite and so isn't it amazing is not such a bad way to go...

Your passion and your career might not be the same thing but that's okay - our market system isn't "that" organic - its a man made tool, money is a tool - sometimes the mundane realities are just that...mundane...but within your soul is the ability to turn the mundane into harmony...

We are here I suspect to help each other...and in your own corner of the world make it better somehow some way - a kind word - a smile - a helping hand, giving is receiving....don't give up on yourself - if you can't thread the needle where you are doing something you love and making a living - make a living and do something you love.

In a hundred plus words maybe I've said something after all.


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