Friday, September 24, 2010

Punch The Hippies!!!

Industry versus nature - money versus god - same old story - getting drunk and blasting animals as recreation isn't even a prehistoric mentality - they killed to survive. It's just plain wrong and guns as a religion is definitely twisted. Guns and money are only tools. Its how we use them that defines them and therefore our actions that define us. "Fat, stupid and drunk is no way to go through life son," Dean Wormer.

But recreation is a big, big, big business with lots and lots of money for our prostitute politicians. The haves versus the have nots - vote the bums out - bring the science back and ranchers start paying your fair share for grazing on OUR public lands.

Hire a few cowboys/park rangers to guard your wandering sheep herds. Heck if you paid your fair share for our public land then the public could train park rangers to protect your herds. The fact of the matter is you're business model would be broke if you had to pay a fair price to graze our PUBLIC land.

You know what they call this false bravado in D.C. - punch the hippies - that's right - that's exactly what they say behind closed doors - time to punch the hippies. From Regan on down its been a back lash against hippies - why - because we shocked the hell out of the establishment. An establishment that wants us all to walk in lock step to maximize their profits. They don't want us going off the grid and rejecting their ponzi rigged scheme of an alleged fair market system.

A market that is so twisted by manipulation that it protects and promotes monopolies, created an entrenched kleptocracy (look it up) and did away with the fairness doctrine in media.

The rah, rah, gun tottin' bible thumpin' conservative mind set is a heartless, unethical, pig headed and corrupt mind set that has destroyed this country.

Rugged individualism was glorified by the Hollywood they say they hate, and aped by our politicians and disenfranchised wannabes. In nature their is balance which requires cooperation.

You can't eat money you big dopes and everything we pump into the environment lodges back into our bodies. Take a high school biology class - for gods sake.

But keep pissing in your well water America and wondering whats wrong you'll either figure it out or you won't.

I recommend protecting the environment the way you protect profit margins. But who wants lower health care costs and maximized productivity from a healthy population living in balance and SUSTAINABILITY with what was laid out before us?

Like a huge banquet and feast we enter the Garden of Eden and destroy it like a bunch of wild boars...brilliant America, brilliant!

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