Thursday, October 21, 2010

Robert Plant- Music Review

This is a quick one - Robert has a new album out Band of Joy personally I'm not feeling it but that's how I felt about his Alison Krauss release Raising Sand. Loving both of those musicians we ran out and got it right away and it sat after initial listening for a year. I finally took it to the office and really developed an appreciation for it over time. You're not putting it on at a keg party but who of us growing up with Led Zeppelin are throwing keg parties anymore (we had a few monster parties - wow - that I would not want to repeat).

For those of us not willing to buy the mans entire back catalog I recommend these few discs: Sixty Six to Timbuktu - is an off the beaten path collection of rarities (disc two) and not so obvious selections from his solo output (disc one).

Dreamland is a collection of covers which really rocks - you get the idea that if Robert showed up at a coffee house these are the songs he would want to sing. It's one of my favorite discs in a ridiculous A to Z collection any former DJ would have.

Mighty Rearranger - I like this one a lot. If you need to hear Classic Zep put on some Classic Zep. If you want to hear some spacey, rock that slithers and gets down in the gutter but floats along the heavens this disc should get you there. Its not Zep its different but it has a lot of the elements. The production is fine and it has many sonic surprises. It builds and falls like waves crashing slowly on the beach with bursts of energy worthy of any great Zep album. Its a cool, earthy effort and I highly recommend it - after all you want Plant to add to your Zeppelin palate not just keep splashing the same color all over the place.

These four albums will round out your collection quite nicely.

Enjoy the Journey ;)

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