Monday, October 04, 2010

The Republican Flip Flop Isolationism to Imperialism and the Big Sounding Excuse American Exceptionalisim

For decades isolationism used to be the hot conservative concept - screw the rest of the World - Pat Buchanan comes to mind - but ooooppps we built our industrial complex on burning oil and we only have 2% of the worlds supply.

So "now" the complete opposite is being trotted out as Conservative and Imperialism is suddenly excusable and promoted by calling it American Exceptionalisim. That's one helluva flip-flop Republicans.

Apparently we're so exceptional that its okay to trample other peoples rights culture, land and take their natural resources for our own. Baloney, and it makes a mockery of the alleged free market system, Constitution, Declaration, Bill of Rights - you should try reading them some day - and the Federalist Papers.

Modern day conservatism is just an excuse looking for a theory to justify lawlessness, greed, and corruption. It stands diametrically opposed to any thing good we might have stood for one day long ago.

Ask yourself this America: How would you like a Saudi military base in your back yard? Think about it driving by it every day, wondering what they were really doing in there...who at home is actually receiving the pay off for this and what for...whats with all those towers and satellites, and why do they need so many weapons? Don't they just mean us harm and why can't the locals get jobs there? Think about it a bunch of Saudis running around on a military base in your neighborhood on your soil...not too cool huh?

Until the Status Quo with its entrenched power and refusal to get its act together as long as they are making money lets go of its bully mentality as a justification for being too lazy to innovate America will be reduced to common thugs who push weak kids over for their lunch money. Is that what your bible teaches you?

We need to become 100% self sufficient and close all of our money draining bases around the world what a waste of blood and treasurer. We need to worry about protecting our own shores and living sustainably within our own borders and environment.

Ruling the world is for idiots, big stupid, maniacal, sociopathic idiots and reigns down destruction on your own head (see Hitler, Napoleon, Cesar).

We need to get our own house in order and then we can help those who legitimately need it if they ask us, and if they honor the principles on which this Country was founded.

Right now the modern Conservative movement does not even come close to honoring those principles unless lying, propaganda, complete and utter bullshit, hypocrisy, thuggery, tyranny and theocracy are clauses I missed in my reading of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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