Friday, October 08, 2010

Jerry's First Time Back with Brent

Well I was dialed up last night and enjoyed a spectacular rendition of Standing on the Moon. It was other worldly but calm, pure, good ol' grateful dead bopping along, floating, as if I was at a show - thousands of stars representing those listening and of course the purple lights but not coming from spot lights rather awash in purple like galactic clouds stretching out from the source.

Listen any telling of this is going to pale in comparison to the right here, right now, conscious but not knowing I was asleep state. If you are lucky enough to have been through that you know what I mean. I was out there among the cosmos and the full band sound with a host of sources was effortlessly flying along, floating along in perfect harmony and timing, unforced, but delivering, flowing and lyrics clear as a bell sung on key.

When I awoke I thought it was perhaps the wheel and spidergawd but dozing back off I realized it had been "standing on the moon" - in that slowed down perfect grateful dead way - only spot on without transition from consciousness into the human realm mind to hands and delivered to our ears. There was none of that this was unfiltered from the source like waves of water flowing from a wide, vast stream.

The ability as a musician to do that is what makes legends...but I digress. Back to the dream as if in a swirling bowl of dark matter, and purple illumination with pinpoint bright white stars swirling around a bed of creativity from which the sound came from - very much a stage in my minds eye. I was in the back on a lip but heard it all as it washed around my head.

Comfortable vibes, bouncing along, floating, pure and then the outro - the crescendoing, crashing but not jarring sustained. A swirling mass of culmination of intensity and purity that astonished me in its clarity, breadth and vortex. Swept along with the music (as always) and it swirled and melded and intertwined like wind chimes dancing on the wind only the full band sound plus more subtle horns and synth like waves upon the shore all mingled together swooping through space and ears swirling in dark matter black whole finishing on a soft clear final culmination and soft uplifting note....then clear as a bell as if listening to a radio broadcast - the voice from the original grateful dead hour (remember him) - behind me - said to my utter astonishment and flash of realization, "how about that outro from Jerry's first time back with Brent" and wow - the flash of understanding. Instant realization, and comprehension and glow I realized I had just witnessed the encore from that reunion in some sort of time warp or rebroadcast because I know they didn't wait this long to orchestrate together. Did I really just get to witness and hear Jerry and Brent lay down Standing on the Moon in the vast reaches of space......I slowly awoke and then jotted everything down (believe me I used those notes here) but now can recognize it and see it as an impression in my mind - the scene - palled in comparison to being there and fumble with words to share it with you to express some how the magnitude - the purity of the phenomenon and to let you know that it is out there and happening.

Sweet recognizable but without the frailty of our human body filter - straight no filter and the easy feeling.

It was so beautiful - Brent working his magic swirling synth sounds and keys Jerry dancing in the back ground adding touches and flourishes - both of them expanding on the sounds that they were able to create here and that voice - clear as a bell, "how about that outro from Jerry's first time back with Brent," whoa nelly. On the other side now momentarily experiencing beautiful beyond music boys and girls and dreams like that - where you wake up and realize - hells bells I've been asleep - well some sort of harmonic convergence is going on and there is more to it all than meets the eye.

The music to try and reduce it to what we know had that Bralove touch too it - think the Infrared Roses Release....that will get you part of the way there.

What a sound what an honor and yeah baby the outro was well oh what the heck other worldly, awe inspiring, comfortable, swirling, not overwhelming but intense, thoughtful, clean, clean, clean and intricate. Greater than the sum of its parts and the parts all illuminated and bigger than the whole swirling through dark matter a black whole, laced with sound and purple flowing clouds and pin prick small brights of light the other ones so to speak ever so slight but bright as all heaven to see and hear the music stirred as with a spoon through airy soup - awake - with a dawning stun - I was asleep and here comes awe and one of those after show moods.

Have a great weekend and as always - enjoy the Journey!


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