Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Religion Creates Arrogance (republicans)

Got into a little discussion on religion out at Digg - thought I would share - just jump in the deep end its okay.....

"The truth is what Jesus proclaimed" (from another poster) - My response is what follows:

.....that truth as to what Jesus proclaimed is up for interpretation since it was over a hundred years after his death that the first books of the bible were written....and if Jesus existed in the flesh and blood why are there no artifacts - where's his cereal bowl - his cloths - the crown of thorns - where is his tooth brush - anything. If such a remarkable being actually walked on water some people might have actually saved his sandals - a lock of his hair...heck we have the horse hair from Stonewall Jackson's Horse Little Sorrel...and Jackson was a Confederate - you see what I'm saying - we have Caesars coins but nothing from the most amazing man of all time?

Now the truth my friend is this - we live on a planet- it is the only one we have and if we value money, and power more than the earth itself we have our priorities dangerously wrong and we are in the fast lane to extinction. We can not survive without the planet. We can survive without money and personal power.

Religion was just the first attempt by the powers that be to set up codified law to control peoples behavior not only to bring order but to solidify those at the top their control, authority, power and money.

I for one do not need a myth about a man walking on water to realize that this planet - floating in space - is a flat out miracle of creation. All I need to do is look around and see "ALL" that was not made by man's hand.

Religion creates arrogance - "the beast are here to serve us..." really - or is that just a written justification authored by a human being to somehow excuse our violent tendencies to slaughter and tear down everything and each other.

No all written dogma, books of religion written by men have at their heart an agenda for control, power and money. The truth - whatever you proclaim it to be does not need to be written down. It is there plainly to see for all of us every day - there is no need for a book - we have the stars, and all the world around us.

Creation and the act of creation is our god- we destroy it and ourselves because we have abandoned common sense and follow men - whose agendas may not be so noble as life itself.

We need to stop pushing dogma on each other and live sustainably on the Earth. If we can't get that together we don't deserve to be here because we are idiots. We have been given brains use them. At the end of the day belief is just that - whole sale acceptance of the unprovable as if what is provable is any less miraculous.

Ho hum we live on a planet spinning in space whats so special about that - hey Peter, Paul - how about a guy walking on water - now that would be cool....what the heck we're spinning in space, there's dirt and mountains and things grow right out of the ground - you really need to up the ante?

I've got news for its the natural Earth that's sacred and all of man's institutions pale immensely in comparison - including organized religion and its pedestrian fear and saber rattling ....puhlease....

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