Monday, October 18, 2010

Hey Eric H. Holder Shut the Hell Up!

Eric Holder the man who doesn't have the balls to go after war criminals who purposely defrauded the American tax payers out of billions of dollars wants to prosecute the state of California for trying to "govern" practically.

Holder who hasn't even cleaned house of the Bush DOJ attorneys who on orders went after political opponents of Bush and Rove has zero credibility.

Eric Holder who doesn't have the guts to close Guantanamo Bay or try alleged terrorist in Federal courts is going after pot heads, and the end of the underground drug economy that only benefits criminals.

Eric Holder who doesn't have the balls to prosecute the perpetrators of an unjust war on ginned up charges of weapons of mass destruction which lead to the dumping of tax payer dollars by the truck load, unaccounted for, into the heart of the Mideast and into the pockets of Bush, Rove and Cheney's friends has zero credibility.

Eric Holder who's refusal to look into the actual shooting of a man by the Vice President of the United States wants to perpetuate the humongous waste of tax payer dollars in an illegal and unnecessary drug war locking up millions of non-violent recreational drug users has now spoken up.

This is your goddamn issue Eric Holder after the violations of the Geneva Convention on torture, after the politicized witch hunt by people still in your employ, after an illegal war based on lies and media manipulation for the profit of a few.

This is your big moment to open your mouth - the decriminalization of marijuana?

Well I have one thing to say to your wimpy, ineffective, ball-less soul - SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU ASSHOLE and get back to work on purging your Justice Department of traitors to the Constitution. They are not supposed to do what they did and use your office to gain political power for one party over the other - that Eric Holder is TREASON.

You asshole. You want to come after sensible, practical Governance then you better do something real to protect America from tyranny or shut the hell up. What are we paying you for anyway to cripple a solution to our economic recovery or protect the United States from Fascism?

Get back to work you completely ignorant asshole. You can start by firing those traitors from the Bush regime, and investigate the supreme court ruling from 2000 that stopped a vote count. Start protecting America from being hijacked by those who can and will and have done it - you completely worthless piece of shit.

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