Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Regan Our Savior Governement Bad

I think we should return to trickle down economics and not tax the richest 1%. They are the most wonderful people on the face of the Earth and gosh aren't they so special in their secluded neighborhoods, yachts and secret, private special clubs. They should live in this country for free. I think more of our children should die horribly for them so they can further their profit only empires.

And more deregulation please, please, please I love my savings wiped out every boom and bust cycle. Government is bad, bad, bad, filled with awful laws like the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Ben Franklin was a complete idiot he spent all that time reading and writing and using the scientific method to discover actual facts about our world. He should have been watching football and campaign ads then he would have been told what to think.

Trickle down economics has worked wonders for the past three decades. Ronald Regan was the smartest man who ever lived...

Ohh wait the country is completely wrecked because of deregulation and the money is hoarded at the top and not reinvested. Why that jerk Obama its all his fault didn't he fix everything he had two whole years? Hang him...

What a bunch of dupes people are complete and utter dupes. You can't see the forest from the trees and Rove and Cheney laughing all the way to the bank. Dear god how could you have missed the sneer on W.'s face for eight years? What a bunch of imbeciles you deserve to be ripped off by the wealthiest in complete and utter control of your country, media and banking.

The republicans do not get a pass for voting no on everything, abuse of the filibuster and anonymous holds.

Vote your own pocket book people big business isn't going to save YOU. They want to rape you for every last cent they can get away with. Their marching orders are to maximize profit at any and all cost. They don't give a rats ass if your drinking water is polluted, your town is buried by a mountain top and you get cancer. They're invested in the cancer medicine on the side geniuses.

Government is the only cop on the beat we have the only one capable of leveling the playing field for innovation and new technology. The only one big enough to sue Goldman or Exxon...so they're the enemy - oh them and the trial lawyers. Now who told you that? Seriously who told you that hmmmm....big corporate media, funded by big business and their think tanks and puppet politicians?

What a bunch of idiots people are they don't know what side their freakin' bread is buttered on. Hey lets give it all to the rich people they'll let us wait on them in their country clubs....while they get rid of the minimum wage, outlaw class action law suits and bust our unions....oh wait they're wavin' the bible - they must love us.....freakin' morons.

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Jerry Critter said...

"...big business isn't going to save YOU."

So true, Paul. To big business, you (the employee) are an expense. If they can find a machine to replace you, they will. If they can find someone else in another country that will work cheaper than you, your job goes to them. If they can cut your salary, they will. If they can cut your benefits, they will. If they can cut your job, they will.

Profits do not create jobs. Profits allow big salaries for executives. Demand for their products/services create jobs. Demand is created by money in the pockets of consumers, not money in the pockets of business.

It is time for trickle UP economics.