Friday, March 20, 2009

Why Do I Do It?

Why do I consistently pass on email alerts to my friends and family and those on facebook and myspace why? Everyday the lobbyist are up on capital hill looking out for their own self first...I laughed out loud at those RNC political banners at the conventions. Reason enough right?

Well here is the main reason and it underscores the industry first, profit first, mindset that has to change.

"...Recent studies have found over 200 industrial chemicals in umbilical cord blood in U.S. fetuses, and nearly 300 chemicals in most adults. Cancer rates have increased 48% in the last fifty years, excluding cancers of the lung and stomach and adjusted for an aging population, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Governmental environmental health policy is anemic, and the agencies that enforce it dysfunctional, though improving. Genetic distortion, birth defects, diabetes, early onset of puberty, ADHD, cancer, asthma, obesity, and myriad other health problems are associated with toxic industrial chemicals in everyday products.

Women, children, people of color, industrial workers, and the poor are most vulnerable to these conditions. God's Creation has no voice to protest its contamination except ours." From the NCC Eco-Justice Web Site

Speak up - what we dump into the oceans, air and food chain enter our body - we are all inter-connected with each other and everything - a healthy environment = healthy people = a healthy economy.

Here's wishing you a sustainable and equitable weekend!

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