Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sicko - Movie Review

I'm sorry but the backlash over this movie was ridiculous and uncalled for CNN's Gupta is an ass. But man can the Status Quo whip up public opinion in a hurry. I finally watched the DVD last week. It's readily available at NetFlix.

Sicko is a compelling documentary that posses the question "why not" and offers a look - for many Americans a first time look - be honest - into alternative approaches to health care and our system in the USA.

I love this country but special interest all clamoring after our tax dollars and to preserve their business models and their special interest and their bottom lines makes one helluva mess for a health care system.

What's wrong with embracing the French and European and Canadian models? Don't take it so personally the USA is not number one, and get over your petty fascination with being number one. I'd settle for fair and honest, clean and equitable. Number one what - classless war mongering, polluters? Why not honestly learn what works best world wide and learn from their and everyone elses including and especially our own mistakes. The rules that apply to being a better person apply to being a better country.

Why do we need to be held captive by a broken system because a few people are making huge bucks? Doctors go into health care to help people not get country club memberships right...? How much money do they need? Lower the high end on malpractice awards and bring down their insurance premiums. I don't know how but apparently the same drugs we pay enormous prices for are free or cheaper overseas. Seems wrong to be screwing the tax payer when we are all just working stiffs propping up the economy and the guys at the top their gas bills for their yachts. Go out and shop - how many times have we heard that?

Take a look at this movie - it is not a pinko, socialist, threatening off the wall documentary but a matter of fact look at what is going on in the world. You might learn that one; you don't have all the information, and two; you don't have all the answers.

Sicko is required viewing for all tax payers.

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