Friday, March 13, 2009

The Tyranny of Oil and Vice President of Bullshit

The Tyranny of Oil is a new book out you can read a review here and here.

It’s all so true and so sad. I hope this country never puts anyone from Texas back in charge of the White House and Executive branch. Although Dick Cheney had his own as yet unnamed branch of government "Vice President of Bullshit" I think is what it was called. Did you know Exxon/Mobil MADE money on the Valdez oil spill? "Country First" - that's how morally bankrupt they are. Less than 5% of their profits go to new clean energy sources and most of that is in advertising.

If we just stopped subsidizing big oil and big agriculture we could pump money back into education (lack of education=lack of opportunity=frustration and acts of violence) and bring down the cost of health care.

Ronald Regan their god even declared - "small business is the back bone of the country" - not big, monolithic, monopolies, incestuous and ultimately uncompetitive, and noncompeting.

The big companies are an impediment to the entrepreneurial life blood that moves the country forward because innovation not controlled by them or outside of their business model is a threat to their already bulging pocket books.

Greed is killing this country and humans (some humans) are incapable of controlling themselves. Look at Madoff. He was already rich why did he jeopardize his freedom and liberty - to get the biggest yacht in the marina? It's ridiculous, compulsive, obsessive behavior and we need laws to prevent it from bring down the markets and a system of checks and balances to prevent it's discovery before it's too late.

Big corporate america is the roadblock to inventiveness and genius without which we suffer stagnation and decline. Big corporate america conglomerates are in a word "bad" for the economy and un-American. What fascinates me the most are the kool-aid drinkers who worship at the feet of corporate america as if the so called free markets will just magically take care of us all. Don't worry just sit back and relax, magically and unseen. Well the results are in and the so called unregulated free markets have fallen flat on their greedy, hoarding faces. Meanwhile the kool-aid drinkers scream at liberals accusing them of doing what they do only substituting big corporate america for big government.

Newsflash only kool-aid drinkers believe in some unseen power that takes care of everything. Liberals want nothing of the sort. Liberals want ethical behavior, a fair, equitable and sustainable playing field for our markets and our civil liberties. So far our elected politicians have been unable to deliver that. Maybe now that will change. Liberals do not declare victory like politics is a game, but strive to effectively manage the politicians we elect and the country we live in to live up to our vision of an equitable and sustainable existence. Anything less than that is suicide with the kool-aid drinkers leading the way.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home
Activist - Oil Change International

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