Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Book Review: Red Hot Lies - Counter Point

I stumbled into this article (linked above) of heavy breathing and patronizing rhetoric about how stupid and perverted the younger generation is to believe in melting ice caps and Global Warming and tossed off a letter to the newspaper that printed this shameful screed on our children. The phrase that jumped out at me is in quotes and in bold below - my response is as follows, the paper is the Hawaii Reporter. Whether they are printing this stuff to trigger response and readership isn't debatable, whether they lack journalistic integrity isn't debatable, whether they actually believe this stuff is worrisome.

"...the political menace of the global warming issue..." - --------- is that pollution is bad (genius).

Wherever you fall on the political spectrum we all agree pollution is bad. We are running around with traces of pesticides and pollutants in our blood stream. Dirty energy causes war - resource wars - there is one going on right now. If the US Government dumped half the money it spent on securing oil fields and subsidizing coal and oil - on natural gas, geothermal, wind, solar thermal and energy efficiency (40 miles per gallon) we could say good bye to the middle east and their problems.

Right now oil and nuclear energy are the cause and the threat of global terrorism.
We are in their countries taking their oil with our armies based on their land supporting un-elected kings and royalty who subjugate their people - damn right they are pissed off. It's a power struggle people and we wouldn't be there (Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the surrounding countries) if it wasn't for the oil. Who doesn't get that?

What are we so worried about in Iran - nuclear power spinning off bombs - not to mention the half-life of the nuclear waste and still - decades later no safe way to get rid of it - oil and nuclear power - thanks but no thanks - coal - forget about it - eliminating jobs by blasting mountain tops clear off, and destroying Appalachia's communities, water, air, natural beauty and potential tourist dollars. Dirty energy has outlived it's usefulness. The powers that be need to recalibrate. The fight for their turf on Capital Hill is pulling down the economy at this most critical moment.

But their is a light, a hope and it's the ready now clean energy sector that will deliver us safely into the future with high paying jobs an upgraded and smart grid, and get our troops off foreign soil calming the locals down. You can't blame the Americans if we're not there.

Innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit is what drives the markets and this country. The status quo is being beyond greedy not to graciously help open up the playing field for the good of the country, the economy, the markets, international relations and our health. The Status Quo in a word is un-American. Boo hooing over the fact they are on the wrong side of stewardship, innovation and common sense is to be expected. Don't fall for their rhetoric and vote their representatives out of Congress. The future is knocking on the door - loudly. Only the blind can't see it, only the greedy deny it.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home
Clean Energy NOW

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