Friday, March 06, 2009

Sea Sick

As a passionate activist the health of the oceans has been an issue I have been writing on and speaking about for a long time. I recently read a review of the book Sea Sick (here) let me just point out one thing from the review...

The review states "'s impossible to think that humans will escape unscathed from the damage we've helped inflict."

I would add emphatically it is impossible to escape and in real time we feel the affects. Every human body RIGHT NOW has a tremendous amount of pollutants and toxins in it. "The Environmental Working Group has spearheaded six studies of body burden in Americans as part of the Human Toxome Project, finding 456 industrial pollutants, pesticides and other chemicals in the blood, urine, and breast milk of 115 people, from newborns to teens and adults."1 Mother's milk transferred naturally to babies carries those toxins.

Every single thing we dump into the environment comes home to roost in our body through the air we breath, the water we drink, and the food we eat, not to mention the household chemicals sprayed and those spread about through the manufacturing process.

The paradigm shift in thinking that has to occur to become front and center of our very consciousness is that we are 100% a part of nature. We are as plugged into the system as a weed, as a tree, as a bird, as plankton. We are the molecules that surround us. There is no separation of our bodies from the environment. Our consciousness gives us the false impression that we are a part FROM nature when in fact we are as linked to it as a pollinating bee.

All that being said if it was truly understood by everyone we wouldn't introduce one synthetic chemical into the atmosphere, food supply or water because in essence what we release into the ground water not only kills the coral reefs but it kills us as well.

We couldn't be more unenlightened when it comes to our total integration into the system. As we keep introducing more phosphorus, nitrogen and mercury into the air it eventually settles in our bodies. Disease and spiraling health care costs are the eventual outcome.

There is no escaping the way the Earth and the environment and humans coexist and commingle bringing all of our problems right to each and everyone's door step. Think you are immune because you live in the country think again? It is all one Earth and we are all apart of it what we do to the Earth we do to ourselves.

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