Friday, March 20, 2009

Voting Against The Budget - and What it Means

The powers that be are all heavily invested in dirty energy sources oil, coal and nuclear. They know their day of reckoning is coming and are fighting as hard as ever to hang onto their subsidies.

Business doesn't care about the health of the country or its citizens. It cares about it's individual business plan. That's why corporations make lousy global or national managers and leaders. They shouldn't be running things because their self interest runs counter to whats good for America or the Globe.

We have to go back to public financing of elections, we have to dissolve the "corporation as person" laws and hold the board of directors responsible for their business decisions, pollution and market manipulation, and we have to heavily invest in the emerging green economy.

It's ironic that our way out of this mess is simply to do the right thing and live sustainably and equitably. However the corrupt who have spent decades/centuries building and hanging onto power are not just going to roll over.

We could be at the tipping point. We must continue to elect people without ties to the industries that are blocking the future innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that is the life blood of the markets, the country and the world.

We still have a few old school relics in Congress and the Senate and we need to sweep them out. They are the ones voting against the new budget. They took money from dirty energy sources nuclear, coal and oil and those guys want to keep their Federal subsidies. In 2006 for oil alone that number was 39 billion - damn right they are fighting tooth an nail against the new green technologies.

Obamas Budget Action Page

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