Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walk Hard The Dewey Cox Story - Movie Review

This movie has the potential to be the next Big Lebowski. In fact I think its smarter and certainly warmer than the Dude. Both movies are great and I'm not choosing sides but Walk Hard by virtue of its soundtrack is a hilarious cut above!

John C. Reilly is beyond fantastic in this laugh out loud fun as anything movie. If you think Ashton Kutcher completely bought into his character Kelso in the 70's show you haven't seen anything. John playing Dewey Cox goes through all the metamorphoses you can possibly think of throughout his fictional musical career. The cast of supporting actors are having a blast with their roles. Kristern Wiig is deadpan hilarious, Chris Parnell the same, Tim Meadows in his best role ever,and Jenna Fischer with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek trots out her inner sex pot and nails her performance.

The dance scenes and musical numbers from the 1970's variety show are a complete hoot. The lyrics to the music are so full of double entendre's that you'll want to get the CD. And the music itself is great. Although certainly a spoof of Walk the Line the music is genuinely good. And the whole Dylan phase is monumentally funny.

In fact this is one movie you'll want to buy for your collection. The second disc of features is worth watching all the way through.

Good clean fun that never takes itself too seriously and moves along briskly. I can not say enough about John C. Reilly. In my humble opinion this blows away anything and I mean anything Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell have ever done on the big screen or television (and I love Will's Bush).

Hooray for Dewey Cox! It's one of the few movies I have watched more than's my favorite thing to do :)

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