Thursday, May 20, 2010

Julie & Julia - Movie Review

This is a great movie. Two stories are told simultaneously and yet in sync with one another. Meryl Streep is a titan in this movie. She plays the role of Julia Child with zany charm, and believe it or not restraint. In fact the moments of restraint let us peer farther into Julia's character as portrayed in the movie.

Amy Adams is beyond adorable in this movie all three feet of her as she goes through the task of portraying the creation of 524 recipes in a year. It's not all wine and roses. Her task is not only to render the french cuisine but give a larger glimpse into Julia Child's life.

There is a real zest for life saturated in this movie about having and gaining knowledge, doing something with it in the pursuit of dreams, and the road blocks along the way. The movie is at once farcical as well as sweet and endearing. This is a great couples movie. Stanley Tucci matches Meryl's charm, wit and screen presence. The husbands of our two wanna-be chefs get plenty of room to stretch out their characters. Foils to their wives they are hardly window dressing in this character driven movie that never bores, preaches or fails to uplift.

Jane Lynch Charlie and Alan's shrink and of Glee fame turns in a typically great performance more heartfelt than sardonic, and all with Paris in the 1950's as a back drop.

Great fun and more - four buttery stars up!

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