Monday, May 17, 2010

Ken Salazar Must Go!

When Obama put Ken Salazar in charge that groan you heard was from all the environmental voters immediately betrayed upon him taking office. Barrack is a shrewd politician playing both sides of the isle and trying to balance everyone's interest. Unfortunately the lesson learned here is that those with a "self" interest are the ones doing the most damage.

Environmentalist care about the whole not some grubby little corner of the market where oodles of money can be made. It is god's green earth and without it our butts are cooked - literally. Take care of what's taking care of you is the message. The health of the Earth trumps all other considerations because it is key to our interwoven and interdependent global and economic survival. No one industry, sector or interest should be given preferential treatment if the end result is the degradation and outright destruction of the whole operating system we rely on for our very survival.

Profit has to be slotted and removed as our number one and sole consideration. You can't eat money no matter how much of it you have. Our health (economic and personal) and the health of the planet are completely entwined with one another. Arrogant monied bullies need to be schooled and their access revoked. They need to stop blatantly raping the system that they have gleefully corrupted and remember - it's a question of balance. When the environment comes first it will bring on a renaissance of global and economic prosperity that no one industry or even a handful could ever hope to create operating independently and at cross hairs with one another.

The green economy is bursting at the seams to get going and only the status quo stand in the way entrenched by money and corruption and totally clueless as to how the whole world works in the first place.

Maybe more science in high school instead of less might help - ya think - morons.

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Here's a brief history lesson:

After 9 years in the Gulf, "Drilling Policy" on the Rig was Cheney's
May 15, 2010 07:16:17 AM

A few points to remember about the chronology of drilling policy blame:

1.Deepwater Horizon rig was launched into the Gulf in 2002 - Obama was a state senator at the time.

2.Deepwater Horizon was under BP management since then & Coast Guard records show a history of spills,equipment failure, pollution, accidents, 6 warnings, a civil penalty & violation. In 2005 there was a fire on the rig. BP is on probation for several safety violations.

3.The rig was under 6 years of Bush administration, run by 2 Texas oilmen, that drilling policies & safety habits were in place for this rig & its operators.

4.In 2000, the fed govt (Clinton)issued a safety alert calling for operators to have multi-layers of backup, including the acoustic system, "an essential component of a deepwater drilling system" to prevent a spill. In ‘03 in response to BIG OIL pushback, the new fed govt (Bush)reversed course & ruled additional safety measures were no longer needed & acoustic system at $500,000 were “too costly” .

5.A 2002 NRDC investigation found that a secretive “behind closed doors” relationship between BIG OIL & Cheney Energy Task Force resulted in a GOP Energy Policy “calling for billions of dollars in corporate subsidies and the wholesale elimination of key health and environmental safeguards”

6.The MSM became a cesspool of corruption under 8 years of Bush & Cheney Energy Policy, not Obama. Bush/Cheney enabled the corruption & lax performance, Obama inherited the issue to fix, along with several others.

7.It is the responsibility of the oil companies/rig operator to maintain the operation in high working order, ensure the safety of structure & lives on-board, environmental safeguards and follow safety protocols, as well as have all swift remedial measures at hand in the case of a spill.

8.A pressure test inspection conducted 6 hrs before the explosion that took 11 lives declared "dangerous conditions"; gas leaking into the drill pipe, and Congress uncovered several blowout preventer equipment issues.

9.It is also obvious BP was unprepared & had no idea how to stop the oil gushing out - criminal negligence combined with insufficient government oversight.

10. The law capping damages other than cleanup at $75 million was a GOP/GHW Bush law. And now GOP Senators are blocking Democrats' efforts to pass legislation to raise it.

11. Since Day 1, the Obama administration were mobilized, with Coast Guard, govt & independent scientists but the govt does not have expertise in oil drilling equipment at 5,000 ft. Also, BP kept giving false information

12.None of the 3 oil companies pay US taxes - they use Bush tax loopholes & benefit from Bush Big Oil subsidies - but they were farming US oil & have destroyed a US coastline, economy, wetlands & livelihoods.

13.We hope Obama will now make drastic changes to Bush/Cheney drilling policy.

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