Tuesday, May 04, 2010

There is NO Such Thing as American OIL!!!!

There's no such thing as "American Oil" - it gets pumped out from wherever (around the globe) and then goes out on an oil exchange for purchase - so where the oil "COMES" from is completely irrelevant.

The argument against drilling along our coast is a risk versus cost assessment. Having only 2% of the WORLDS reserves - our oil supply - off our coast - is completely irrelevant except to those 15 guys on the rig living in the area - the rest of the whole operation is a Transnational event.

So why should we risk our billion dollar tourist, fishing and home markets for international conglomeration. Our puny reserves won't make a dent in the actual price of the oil. But the the risk to our macroeconomic community and to our health and to the environment on which our very health and well being survives on - is WAY to much to risk.

Any real risk assessment devoid of politics would re-direct our subsidies (tax dollars) away from oil and into the clean energy sector creating millions of high paying jobs - updating the grid, and retrofitting downtown City areas for efficiency - that right there would cut demand (SUPPLY & DEMAND) for oil and LOWER the price at the pump.

Everything else is specious lip service to the powers that be that can control the debate through mass media to keep their particular industry propped up.

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