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“Ask not what the world needs. Ask rather what makes your heart sing and go do that; for what the world needs is people with hearts that sing.” Philip Thatcher

Friday, August 28, 2009

Kennedy Was Champion Of Church-State Separation Read A/U Press Release here:
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Thus ye may find in thy mental and spiritual self, ye can make thyself just as happy or just as miserable as ye like. How miserable do ye want to be?

Edgar Cayce Reading 2995-3
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"My brother need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life; to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it."

Solar World RoundUp - 8/28/09

"My brother need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life; to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it."

The Complete Eulogy for Robert

While we bicker and mourn over Ted Kennedy's Legacy time marches on. In Senator Kennedy's Honor we should name the Health Care Bill after him and pass it with a strong public option. Anything less than that is contemptible.

The insurance companies and their AstroTurf minions have done nothing to advance our culture, society or our country. In lieu of what the Kennedy family has sacrificed in service and blood they should be ashamed of themselves. Shame is not something they know and they behave like sociopaths.

You can't stop progress even as much as the status quo fear mongers. The insurance companies complete portfolio nationally and world wide is based on fear. What if you die, what if you get in a car wreck, what if you get sick, what if your house gets flooded or burns down, fear, fear, fear. There is nothing honorable in their business model. Give us your money and we will insure you against those fears but only those of you of low risk wink, wink. And so our pedestrian leaders and their sociopath corporate allies give money to each other back and forth and use fear to manipulate a population that pro ports to believe in God and have great faith.

Well where is that faith today? They are consumed by fear, carrying weapons, shouting, angry, and still impotent in the face of it all. Yet time marches on and quietly not in the loud throngs at the public square posing for the sycophant television cameras, and not in the backroom dealings of our Capital.

That faith is in the progressives and leaders and utopians, and liberals and those that serve each other and their Country, the activists who really care, the thought leaders, the entrepreneurs, the little guys and the big dogs smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall.

Here is what they are up to this week:

A Rare Peek at Green Energy Economics
New York Times
Under the contracts approved Thursday, BrightSource will generate electricity from two of seven solar thermal power plants the company is building in the ...

How a Solar-Hydrogen Economy Could Supply the World's Energy Needs
Solar: For Abbott, the unambiguous leader of alternative energy sources is solar power, especially low-tech solar thermal collectors rather than high-tech ...

Sun rising on solar startup
Akron Beacon Journal
Farson, a Cuyahoga Falls resident, says he's returning to something he worked on for years in South Carolina and Chicago: Solar thermal energy heating for ...

Solar thermal energy 'on the up'
Solar thermal heating experienced record growth rates worldwide in 2007, driven strongly by China. But the EU's new Renewable Energy Directive is expected ...

Clean Green Living With Solar Energy Sources | Little Green Papoose
By green baby
When buying solar supplies, keep in mind there are two main types of solar energy. Solar thermal energy can collect the sun's warmth through water or an.

BrightSource strikes deal with Chevron to build solar plant – to ...
By matthewlim
BrightSource Energy has been tapped by Chevron to build the 29-MW thermal plant. It is BrightSource's first project to use its solar thermal technology for steam generation.

Tessera finds Partner for Arizona Solar Concentrator Project ...
Maricopa Solar, the name of the joint venture, will be the first commercial-scale solar facility built using the SunCatcher concentrating solar thermal technology, manufactured by Stirling Energy Syst.

Wind Watch: Money to flow as wind wins the day
... in the geothermal industry between the hot fractured rock brigade and those chasing shallower and cooler resources in sedimentary aquifers; between submerged and surface ocean energy technologies; between the various solar thermal .

Hawaii Energy Options: Lockheed Awarded Navy Contract for OTEC Work
By Doug Carlson
Lockheed Awarded Navy Contract for OTEC Work. OTEC will tap solar energy stored in the tropical ocean. Money to fund more development work on ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) isn't gushing, but at least there's a steady flow to ...

Solar thermal energyon the up
Solar thermal heating capacity increased by 19 gigawatts of thermal equivalent (GWth), reaching 147 GWth, according to the report from the research ...

Silobreaker News Search Global (lots of articles) There is a lot going on out there even though the Status Quo dominates the mainstream media.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home
The Literary World's Lack of Vision - new blog post up - click here:

The Literary World's Lack of Vision

I find the literary world of academic ascension and the media market of book review critics fairly useless to truth, justice and the American way. They are a club a country club and they guard membership jealously.

While we have Glenn Becks, Rush Limbaugh's and Bill O'Reily's screaming falsehoods, blatant falsehoods on television every day for mass consumption - the literary world quibbles amongst itself (see link in title).

Our country needs to straighten it's act out. The FCC needs to be as concerned about blatant misrepresentation and conflict of interest the same way it was railing against and suing Howard Stern because he used the word "lesbian" two hundred times a day.

It's time for the literary world, authors, critics, and publishers to stop bickering among themselves and answer the call, join forces and expose the daylights out of the treachery and treason that runs rampant in our government and propagandized on our airwaves...public airways I might add that belong to the Citizens and Tax Payers not corporate america. Corporate america has zero interest in anything other than their wallets.

Your job (writers, publishers, critics and reviewers) is not to cut each other down but shine light on the truth however or whatever it is - it worked for Shaw, Hemingway and Twain and they shaped nations.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Know the first principles: There is good in all that is alive.

Edgar Cayce Reading 2537-1
End Alaska's Awful Aerial Wolf Killing Programs -- Support the PAW Act! Take Action Here -
I am working with @DFAaction, @CREDOMobile, @JaneHamsher to pass Public Option Resolutions at Pls RT

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We are up against big money and big lies, but with your help we can turn the tide.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Climate Deadline Looming: Sign On to Letter to Fix Flawed Global Warming Bill Today - Take Action Here:
Inspiring America to End Mountaintop Removal Ask Lisa Jackson to Fly Over Appalachia - Take Action Here:
Keep Uranium Mining Out of the Grand Canyon!
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Solar World Round Up - The Fed, The Economy - No Duh? New Blog up click here:

Solar World Round Up - The Fed, The Economy - No Duh?

When Ben Bernanke said today, "The prospects for a return to growth in the near term appear good," the stock market lurched forward and I said no duh! (Article linked above)

When his European Central Bank President counter part Jean-Claude Trichet replied, "I am a little bit uneasy when I [hear] that, because we have some green shoots here and there, we are already saying, 'well, after all, we are close to back to normal',"...

I would like to take both men's heads and bang them together. It's not a coincidence that Trichet refered to the signs of growth as "some GREEN shoots" yo morons your subconscious is trying to tell you something...dear lord help these idiots please.

When is the Status Quo going to WAKE UP and start investing in the future. Can't they see the hand writing on the wall. He fellas, look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a SAFE, FREE, ENERGY SOURCE.

How long do we have to wait for these idiots these captains of industry to break out of their same old routines? When is man kind going to get its head out of the ground. But this is the way we always have done things Paul - dig in the ground and blow up the mountains for coal, oil, gas and uranium.

Cue Carlos Mencia's De, De, Deee. Bullshit I cry the industrial revolution and the dirty fuel driven economy has only been around for a HUNDRED years. But it's done a Century's worth of damage to our ecology, eco-system, and health. Wake up Geniuses - oh and investors - uhh look below - you might want to get in EARLY - you stupid freakin' clowns!

Here is Today's(!) Solar World Round Up

Solar Thermal Heats Up
Worldwatch Institute
Solar thermal energy produced enough energy globally in 2007 to meet the equivalent heating needs of 15 percent of US households. ...

PG&E Wins Approval for Solar Pact With BrightSource
San Jose Mercury News
PG&E will get power from a 110-megawatt solar-thermal station scheduled to be online by July 2012 and from a 200- megawatt solar-thermal station to be ready ...

Altech Solar Showcases Live Installation Of Solar Thermal System ...
International Business Times (press release)
Altech Solar has set its sights to be in the global forefront of adoption of alternative energy sources, focusing its extensive expertise in solar thermal ...

Solar Thermal Heating: Quietly Ramping Up
By Amy Westervelt - Earth2Tech Solar thermal heating is like the good kid in the group: It might not be as cool as solar PV for electricity or those massive ...

Heliofocus harnesses the power of wind and sun for electricity
heliofocus is taking solar thermal energy one step further — by adding wind. The system, described in a flattering profile on Greentech Media, ...

Using solar heat to power air conditioning
Los Angeles Times
The gas company has been checking out competing solar-thermal cooling technologies from two companies to see which would work best on the roofs of ...

Calif Regulators Approve PG&E-brightsource Solar Power Contracts
The contracts allow Pacific Gas & Electric Co. of San Francisco to buy 310 megawatts of power from two solar-thermal power plants built in the California ...

Mega Event – Australia New Zealand Solar Energy Society 47th ...
By mudassir
Solar09 will provide great opportunity to delegates present there so that they can learn from Olivier Drucke, president of the European Solar Thermal Energy Foundation. His speech will reveal secrets how policy-making has facilitated ...

NewNet News - Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Californian solar ...
By newnet
PG&E won the Calfornia Public Utilities Commission's approval alongside BrightSource Energy. The plants will reportedly use BrightSource's solar thermal technology in the plants, the first of which is due to come online in July 2012. ...
New Energy World Network

PG&E-BrightSource deal for solar energy OKd : Alanat News
By poster
PG&E won the commission's approval for two contracts with BrightSource Energy, one of several companies planning large-scale solar plants in the Southern California desert. The plants will use BrightSource's version of “solar thermal” ...

ReneSola shares jump over 15 percent after winning $706M solar ...
By Bureau News
"We're very interested to explore offshore wind, tidal energy and solar thermal to generate renewable power in India," Astonfield Management Inc co-chairman and director Sourabh Sen said. China promises solar power subsidies in effort ...

Germany Turns On World's Biggest Solar Power Project – Spiegel ...
By paderbornersj
This week, two of Germany's most important solar energy projects came online — the second biggest solar power project in the world and one of the first solar thermal “power towers.” The projects are part of the country's plan to provide ...

Solar Thermal Heating Up Sharply | Worldwatch Institute
The most mature of solar technologies solar thermal heating harnesses the sun's energy for domestic water heating space heating swimming pool heating and ...
New blog post up on writing - it's a short one but nice - enjoy ..and Happy Friday!

Thoughts on Writing

When writing my novel "Journey Home" I tried to deliver my mind, body and soul to a point, not a fixed point, but to a center, not a fixed center, but a space, feeling, mood, quietness where the organic very alive being of creativity exists. It's an elusive wind to describe. You ride it, you channel it, you don't capture it, and it is not your own. Your mind set has to open the door to it's flow and you become part of its shimmering open eternal corridors. In some moments I was chasing the words furiously across the keyboard barely keeping up, and in other moments quiet as the morning sky. It can be anything the muse as its commonly called and in fact it can be everything for it all is.

Creating in any medium or moment will get you there if your pursuit is honest. It's divine.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Playing Games With OUR Health

For seventy five years the status quo has used the same tactic to scare the loyal American citizens out of something that would benefit those same loyal American Citizens.

Those that are falling for it are either being duped, gullible or have some self interest at stake...those promoting it all have a self interest at stake - whether it's as a news hawker (if it bleeds it leads) or someone trying to cozy up to the powers that be for political, financial gain, and status.

The rest of us (THE MAJORITY) We are loyal, we work hard, we pay our taxes and earn modest livings. We spend our hard earned meager incomes and savings to propel this economy. We are the heart of the economy and when we don't spend enough we are told it's our patriotic duty to go out and spend more - we hardly save anything.

And what do we get for this lifetime loyalty to the "American Dream" (the market economy's life blood is that we buy into that dream) what do we get for buying into it - what do we get The loyal citizens and tax payers of this country, what do we get? We get lies, distortions, threats of violence and mob rule when some of our elected leaders try to improve our quality of life. We get a kick in the pants for daring to improve the quality of OUR lives if we might dare upset the Status Quo.

Think of the guy on the Monopoly Board - that's the guy who doesn't want a public health care option. That's the guy who doesn't want clean energy sources competing with his dirty energy sector. That's the guy who doesn't give a rats ass about you no matter how many flags he waves, or bibles he pounds.

Fraud, fraud, fraud...this is not manufactured dissent - this is outrage by a real citizen and no one is paying me to be this pissed off!

The global economy as set up by the industrialist back in the 1950's depends on us and they would begrudge us affordable health care? FOUL - I'm calling foul. I'm going to call for armed revolution next if they don't get their heads out of their asses!

I don't care what color you are, heritage or religion (politics) - I cry foul on behalf of all hard working, honest, tax paying citizens.

Oh boo hoo the insurance company millionaires making 7 million a year as CEO's don't want a public option because it will cut into their individual purchasing power and Cayman Island Bank Accounts. What's the matter fellas can't keep your 100 foot yachts fueled? What a bunch of assholes they are and I'm calling them out. Those doing their bidding are as stupid as stupid does as if they'll get a ride on their yachts or be let into their Country Clubs....guess again Katherine Harris's of the World guess again - they have zero respect for you - period.

Wall Street is not our friend - they move their businesses off shore - when they are making decisions YOU and YOUR family don't enter into the process. That's what YOUR Government is supposed to police.

If you don't support your government when they are trying to help you and your neighbor you are a bunch of jack asses who deserve a piss poor quality of life because you won't stand up for yourselves and won't make your voice heard.

March down to those Town Hall meetings and holler bullshit at the teabaggers. Call them corporate whores because that's what they are - right Kathleen? Better yet call your Congressman NOW and tear him a new one for not representing the honest hard working, tax paying loyal Americans who are being marginalized by Thugs.

I have zero sympathy for the insurance industry, big pharma or big energy or big agriculture. They are fat and big and have plenty of money to buy our politicians.

Max Baucus ought to be ashamed of himself. The Republicans are just voting no to score political points while our Economy teeters back and forth over the edge of the greatest depression mankind and the market economies of the world have ever scene. Now is not the time for politics you treasonous bastards.

What about the majority of the citizens, what about making our world a little more affordable. Like some spoiled kid on the playground with all the toys they aren't going to share unless we take it from them. The fuss they are kicking up is all over TV - well I'm making a fuss - I'm outraged that these corporate leaders would hold the Citizens of this country who buy their products and services in such contempt.

Well it's time people - the time is now a public health care option is the only option and it's non-negotiable. Especially to a bunch of liars who have been using the same scare tactics for 75 years to try and prevent the hard working, loyal Americans from having safe, affordable health care and protections in latter life as we age.

Are we just supposed to work full time jobs for our whole lives and get dumped in a trash heap of a nursing home. All we have scratched and saved in our life time is then conveniently given over to yet another set of Corporate Parasites running those nursing homes?

Was Charlie Chaplin right when he went through the cogs of the machinery in his movie Modern Times.

Is corporate America a bunch of greedy assholes who WON'T do what is best for the Country because they want EVERY dollar in the system for themselves? Is that really good for the economy? No it's not. It's incestuous, it cripples inventiveness and stunts are growth and never advances society past the dark ages of the industrial revolution and their belching towers of poison destroying our lungs and ruining our HEALTH.

Well I'm mad, I'm angry, I'm hollering for real - this ain't no town hall masquerade funded by some huge corporate interest.

This is real and I'm furious WORK with OUR President. WORK with him to make the Country better or get out of our way.

I promise you your bottom line will increase - you stupid morons - it's called macro-economics and you'll be able to afford your 14 houses and 100 foot yachts in Vale and Miami!

You can't stop change and you can't stop progress. How many of us had to die in your rich mans war called the Civil War - over slavery.....? We fought a war over slavery because those rich assholes didn't want to give up the Status Quo even though they knew it was wrong. Why - because they were making money hand over fist - sound familiar - thought so.....

Take action find out more and act - make your voice heard!

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

Friday, August 07, 2009

Solar World Round Up - Today

Hey Dirty Energy Executives Stop Wrecking The Planet Harvest This!

Or Didn't You Notice It In The Sky?

Breaking News Links on Solar Thermal Energy.

Tapping the sun's rays
Lloyd's List
While the cost of collecting solar thermal energy equivalent to one barrel of oil is currently around $65, it is expected to drop to around $26 in future. ...

Town Officials Meet To Discuss Energy Conservation
Hartford Courant
Bob Bonola, a member of Plainville's town energy task force, went to the meeting to hear ways to conserve resources, such as solar-thermal power and ...

Hot Streak for Solar Power in Spain
Wall Street Journal
While fuel costs are minimal, developing solar thermal energy plants is expensive -- around €4 million per megawatt, compared with about €650000 per ...

INTERVIEW-NRG aims to invest in PV solar, offshore wind-CEO
... of renewable technologies, including offshore wind power on the East Coast, which he likened to solar thermal energy in the sun-drenched Southwest. ...

Solar panels to top 'green' measures at governor's mansion
Baltimore Sun
Governor's mansions in New York, Florida, Colorado, Michigan and Ohio have added solar thermal panels to heat water, solar electric panels to provide power, ...

India demands West pay for bold solar energy plans
In another significant policy shift, solar thermal (water-heating) technology will be given as much importance as photovoltaic (electricity-generating) ...

Greentech Media eSolar Shows Off Its Solar Thermal Tower
Greentech Media
In February, Princeton, NJ-based NRG Energy bought the rights from eSolar to build 500 megawatts worth of solar-thermal power plants in the United States. ...

Guardian Adds EcoGuard Float Glass to Growing Line of Solar Glass ...
Solar Glazing Magazine
... is a solar energy solution for concentrating solar Power mirrors, photovoltaic energy systems, concentrating photovoltaic systems and solar thermal ...

The Status Quo is asleep at the switch.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Manufactured Dissent - Not Advocating For Anything

I'm sure if you took a look at American political history you will see some absolute horror stories of mob rule, manufactured dissent and well funded special interest posing as the aggrieved citizens. My heart bleeds for them (not).

Smug in their ability to get attention and disrupt public discourse they aren't advocating FOR anything. But they are trying to prevent the inevitable erosion of their financiers power as time marches on.

When you get a handful of people from say code-pink or the rainforest action network dissenting loudly at public forums you at least get a point of view...the war is wrong, globalization is wrong, don't tear down the forest, stop subsidizing the unprofitable timber industry, protect the environment, ban offshore drilling to protect the beaches, tourism, food supply,and our real estate value etc.

What are these new anti health care people yelling about what policy is it that they support?

These are the same people the stop the recount thugs who stormed the County Commissioner Offices in Florida. Their point of view was to stop the recount. They were protesting for that time honored American tradition of NOT counting every vote, and NOT making sure the count was right before declaring a winner.

Bussed in by the RNC and their financial backers and corporate self interest these dupes who all had jobs as staffers or lobbyist were down there to inflict mob rule, and short circuit the recount for the noble cause of stopping the counting of votes. Our clear eyed conservative judges on the supreme court let them get away with this. Way to uphold the constitution gang. If you pay judges they can become sellouts too.

The new bused batch of anti-health care supporters only point of view is to yell and scream. I suppose they are against health care or inexpensive health care or competition in the health care market. Our clear eyed so called free market conservatives want competition except for whatever business they are in - hypocrites.

The screamers and yellers while bringing forth no cause, or alternative than to just leave everything alone it's fine the way it is - are in essence and fact advocating for the Status Quo.

They are dupes and being used to try and thwart the erosion of power and to try and seize power back for the Status Quo. I'm sure the screamers work for the Status Quo, most likely paid and easily swayed by jingoism, fear, and racism. They may love their country but that love is being played by the big dogs who couldn't care less about their individual lives except in how to use them.

Like the real god fearing people who think voting republican is voting for Jesus they have been manipulated and will be discarded once the Status Quo has reformed it's grip around our throats. It's so sad that they are so easily manipulated, so trusting of men in suits. Forgetting of course some men rob you with a six gun others with a fountain pen.

When you talk about Greenpeace, Defenders of Wildlife, The Humane Society you are not talking about politicians like Dick Armey and Newt Gingrich. Dick and Newt are people trying to claw their way back into the political process by selling out to the corporations who's time is slowly but surely passing.

If I were Exxon Mobil instead of crying about lost government handouts (subsidies) and trying to squeeze the very last dollar out of my archaic and antiquated business model I would be investing in solar technology. You would think they could see the handwriting on the wall. Unless of course they are okay with America being held hostage by the mid east oil suppliers, Russia, and Venezuela. They are because as long as they are making money they don't care. It's called being a traitor.

I can't believe how short sighted they are but the Status Quo is way too fat and comfortable to even think about changing their business model or lifestyle. So they assemble and pay some bitter people to scream and yell and threaten with no agenda to advance - other than the agenda of no.

Change is what they are afraid of even though change is the only constant in the Universe. Unconscious of that truth they forget the immortal words of we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Change is coming and the Status Quo is going to pull out every trick in the play book - socialism - please I'd rather have socialism than totalitarianism. Please tell me how and what to worship, what opinions to have, how to vote, where to shop, what to buy and how to live my life, please, please, please (sarcasm).

A smart company takes care of its employees. If they are happy, paid well with an appropriate amount of time off, paid vacation and sick leave they are enormously productive. Well in case you don't realize it the American Citizen is a worker bee for some giant corporation to buy their products, build them or both. If I were Corporate America I would apply that concept to the population as a whole and make sure the citizens are well educated with top rate health care and well deserved retirement benefits and facilities and care. The American Tax Payers deserve the best value from their hard earned dollars and representatives.

Manufactured dissent shut down the 2000 Presidential Election Recount a recount required by law and hijacked an election. Eight years later the fruit of that action has given us the greatest financial meltdown since the depression. Yet those corporate powers trying to protect their turf with those ex-politicians (Gingrich and Armey) who have lost credibility and elections care not about this great Country the land of Franklin, Washington,Jefferson and Hamilton, but only for their mere individual advancement - no matter what that means for the rest of us.

They are not the majority, they are not right, they are already well off looking to get richer, and they offer no alternative solution or vision. To leave things exactly the way they are is impossible, incestuous, backing a monopoly, and representing a thing called the Status Quo.

Unfortunately the Status Quo made a mess of things. Their ideology doesn't work in the real world. Although it has made all of them individually fabulously rich none of it trickles down. Trickle down is a farce, supply side economics a proven failed model.

So go on yell socialism, yell welfare, yell elitist at least the drill baby drill crowd had a message.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

Here's Stephen's Cobert's Take Click Here Insightful, Hilarious and the Truth!

Four Reasons You Aren’t Getting Book Publicity from Bloggers - Follow Up

Browsing some book reviews I came across the fetching title - Four Reasons You Aren’t Getting Book Publicity from Bloggers by Monica O'Brien. Some of the arcane comments caused me to reflect and of course Monica in her enthusiasm left herself open to criticism ....lets pick up the thread here...enjoy and click on the link above for Monica's article.

A couple of old stogy remarks here is a little disappointing - I'm talking about the comment section. For me I want to reach young readers I've written a beautiful book that they might "really" enjoy. I think what some of the "offended" authors in the comment section are missing is the overall point. Get to know your community.

This young lady has put a lot of time into her efforts here and has quite a few readers, fans and followers. What she doesn't realize is how tremendously hard it is to write a book. Not until you actually write one - you have no idea. That being said authors are exhausted but the sad part is - finishing the book is just the beginning.

Back to Monica's point - get to know the community - contribute content to her blog - talk to her - say hello - send a tweet - unless you immerse yourself in the blogosphere it won't work for you. Generic press releases aren't human and in this world "professional" behavior has become inhumane. How else would the lying, cheating, stealing and manufactured outrage be acceptable behavior in the allegedly "grown up" world of "professional" behavior.

Slamming Monica and the web as a kid and child's play proves the point. Adults would do well to remember their idealism of their youth for it is in the purity of intentions that all of mankind's salvation is to be found. You see the kids at Woodstock were right and they are still right. This world would be better off learning to live and let live and that when you help others you are helping yourself. Not that age is the sole factor in having that wonderful and successful mindset, but rather the intention behind the action is so unbelievably important. Many people never get this and many people blow it off because they get a few crumbs of success being a sh***head.

I have so many interest like Monica that I'm naturally out there on the web blogging - you see I didn't write a book to become famous or rich so my efforts are genuine, clean, pure. Journey Home is a good story, lots of twists and turns that I didn't know were going to be there until I started writing. It was an exploration of creativity and it serves an over riding principle and mindset. I wrote the book I always wanted to read. And now I write on my passions weekly on blogs and network sites. They are passions well represented in my book and yes they have brought me a few readers not many but a few and the personal reward has been over the moon. It's not measured in dollars or fame but it's genuine and more fulfilling.

Unless you have the big publishing machine of Random House or Simon and Schuster promoting your book across media (articles in people magazine, plugs on the Today show or Oprah and John Stewart) or are already famous you're dead meat.

But the question is why did you do it - why did you write the book. For me it was dying to get out - it was something I couldn't stop (much like this comment - LOL) and it took 26 years to create. That was just the beginning.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home