Friday, August 28, 2009

The Literary World's Lack of Vision

I find the literary world of academic ascension and the media market of book review critics fairly useless to truth, justice and the American way. They are a club a country club and they guard membership jealously.

While we have Glenn Becks, Rush Limbaugh's and Bill O'Reily's screaming falsehoods, blatant falsehoods on television every day for mass consumption - the literary world quibbles amongst itself (see link in title).

Our country needs to straighten it's act out. The FCC needs to be as concerned about blatant misrepresentation and conflict of interest the same way it was railing against and suing Howard Stern because he used the word "lesbian" two hundred times a day.

It's time for the literary world, authors, critics, and publishers to stop bickering among themselves and answer the call, join forces and expose the daylights out of the treachery and treason that runs rampant in our government and propagandized on our airwaves...public airways I might add that belong to the Citizens and Tax Payers not corporate america. Corporate america has zero interest in anything other than their wallets.

Your job (writers, publishers, critics and reviewers) is not to cut each other down but shine light on the truth however or whatever it is - it worked for Shaw, Hemingway and Twain and they shaped nations.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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