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Solar World RoundUp - 8/28/09

"My brother need not be idealized, or enlarged in death beyond what he was in life; to be remembered simply as a good and decent man, who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it."

The Complete Eulogy for Robert

While we bicker and mourn over Ted Kennedy's Legacy time marches on. In Senator Kennedy's Honor we should name the Health Care Bill after him and pass it with a strong public option. Anything less than that is contemptible.

The insurance companies and their AstroTurf minions have done nothing to advance our culture, society or our country. In lieu of what the Kennedy family has sacrificed in service and blood they should be ashamed of themselves. Shame is not something they know and they behave like sociopaths.

You can't stop progress even as much as the status quo fear mongers. The insurance companies complete portfolio nationally and world wide is based on fear. What if you die, what if you get in a car wreck, what if you get sick, what if your house gets flooded or burns down, fear, fear, fear. There is nothing honorable in their business model. Give us your money and we will insure you against those fears but only those of you of low risk wink, wink. And so our pedestrian leaders and their sociopath corporate allies give money to each other back and forth and use fear to manipulate a population that pro ports to believe in God and have great faith.

Well where is that faith today? They are consumed by fear, carrying weapons, shouting, angry, and still impotent in the face of it all. Yet time marches on and quietly not in the loud throngs at the public square posing for the sycophant television cameras, and not in the backroom dealings of our Capital.

That faith is in the progressives and leaders and utopians, and liberals and those that serve each other and their Country, the activists who really care, the thought leaders, the entrepreneurs, the little guys and the big dogs smart enough to see the handwriting on the wall.

Here is what they are up to this week:

A Rare Peek at Green Energy Economics
New York Times
Under the contracts approved Thursday, BrightSource will generate electricity from two of seven solar thermal power plants the company is building in the ...

How a Solar-Hydrogen Economy Could Supply the World's Energy Needs
Solar: For Abbott, the unambiguous leader of alternative energy sources is solar power, especially low-tech solar thermal collectors rather than high-tech ...

Sun rising on solar startup
Akron Beacon Journal
Farson, a Cuyahoga Falls resident, says he's returning to something he worked on for years in South Carolina and Chicago: Solar thermal energy heating for ...

Solar thermal energy 'on the up'
Solar thermal heating experienced record growth rates worldwide in 2007, driven strongly by China. But the EU's new Renewable Energy Directive is expected ...

Clean Green Living With Solar Energy Sources | Little Green Papoose
By green baby
When buying solar supplies, keep in mind there are two main types of solar energy. Solar thermal energy can collect the sun's warmth through water or an.

BrightSource strikes deal with Chevron to build solar plant – to ...
By matthewlim
BrightSource Energy has been tapped by Chevron to build the 29-MW thermal plant. It is BrightSource's first project to use its solar thermal technology for steam generation.

Tessera finds Partner for Arizona Solar Concentrator Project ...
Maricopa Solar, the name of the joint venture, will be the first commercial-scale solar facility built using the SunCatcher concentrating solar thermal technology, manufactured by Stirling Energy Syst.

Wind Watch: Money to flow as wind wins the day
... in the geothermal industry between the hot fractured rock brigade and those chasing shallower and cooler resources in sedimentary aquifers; between submerged and surface ocean energy technologies; between the various solar thermal .

Hawaii Energy Options: Lockheed Awarded Navy Contract for OTEC Work
By Doug Carlson
Lockheed Awarded Navy Contract for OTEC Work. OTEC will tap solar energy stored in the tropical ocean. Money to fund more development work on ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) isn't gushing, but at least there's a steady flow to ...

Solar thermal energyon the up
Solar thermal heating capacity increased by 19 gigawatts of thermal equivalent (GWth), reaching 147 GWth, according to the report from the research ...

Silobreaker News Search Global (lots of articles) There is a lot going on out there even though the Status Quo dominates the mainstream media.

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