Friday, August 21, 2009

Thoughts on Writing

When writing my novel "Journey Home" I tried to deliver my mind, body and soul to a point, not a fixed point, but to a center, not a fixed center, but a space, feeling, mood, quietness where the organic very alive being of creativity exists. It's an elusive wind to describe. You ride it, you channel it, you don't capture it, and it is not your own. Your mind set has to open the door to it's flow and you become part of its shimmering open eternal corridors. In some moments I was chasing the words furiously across the keyboard barely keeping up, and in other moments quiet as the morning sky. It can be anything the muse as its commonly called and in fact it can be everything for it all is.

Creating in any medium or moment will get you there if your pursuit is honest. It's divine.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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