Thursday, August 20, 2009

Playing Games With OUR Health

For seventy five years the status quo has used the same tactic to scare the loyal American citizens out of something that would benefit those same loyal American Citizens.

Those that are falling for it are either being duped, gullible or have some self interest at stake...those promoting it all have a self interest at stake - whether it's as a news hawker (if it bleeds it leads) or someone trying to cozy up to the powers that be for political, financial gain, and status.

The rest of us (THE MAJORITY) We are loyal, we work hard, we pay our taxes and earn modest livings. We spend our hard earned meager incomes and savings to propel this economy. We are the heart of the economy and when we don't spend enough we are told it's our patriotic duty to go out and spend more - we hardly save anything.

And what do we get for this lifetime loyalty to the "American Dream" (the market economy's life blood is that we buy into that dream) what do we get for buying into it - what do we get The loyal citizens and tax payers of this country, what do we get? We get lies, distortions, threats of violence and mob rule when some of our elected leaders try to improve our quality of life. We get a kick in the pants for daring to improve the quality of OUR lives if we might dare upset the Status Quo.

Think of the guy on the Monopoly Board - that's the guy who doesn't want a public health care option. That's the guy who doesn't want clean energy sources competing with his dirty energy sector. That's the guy who doesn't give a rats ass about you no matter how many flags he waves, or bibles he pounds.

Fraud, fraud, fraud...this is not manufactured dissent - this is outrage by a real citizen and no one is paying me to be this pissed off!

The global economy as set up by the industrialist back in the 1950's depends on us and they would begrudge us affordable health care? FOUL - I'm calling foul. I'm going to call for armed revolution next if they don't get their heads out of their asses!

I don't care what color you are, heritage or religion (politics) - I cry foul on behalf of all hard working, honest, tax paying citizens.

Oh boo hoo the insurance company millionaires making 7 million a year as CEO's don't want a public option because it will cut into their individual purchasing power and Cayman Island Bank Accounts. What's the matter fellas can't keep your 100 foot yachts fueled? What a bunch of assholes they are and I'm calling them out. Those doing their bidding are as stupid as stupid does as if they'll get a ride on their yachts or be let into their Country Clubs....guess again Katherine Harris's of the World guess again - they have zero respect for you - period.

Wall Street is not our friend - they move their businesses off shore - when they are making decisions YOU and YOUR family don't enter into the process. That's what YOUR Government is supposed to police.

If you don't support your government when they are trying to help you and your neighbor you are a bunch of jack asses who deserve a piss poor quality of life because you won't stand up for yourselves and won't make your voice heard.

March down to those Town Hall meetings and holler bullshit at the teabaggers. Call them corporate whores because that's what they are - right Kathleen? Better yet call your Congressman NOW and tear him a new one for not representing the honest hard working, tax paying loyal Americans who are being marginalized by Thugs.

I have zero sympathy for the insurance industry, big pharma or big energy or big agriculture. They are fat and big and have plenty of money to buy our politicians.

Max Baucus ought to be ashamed of himself. The Republicans are just voting no to score political points while our Economy teeters back and forth over the edge of the greatest depression mankind and the market economies of the world have ever scene. Now is not the time for politics you treasonous bastards.

What about the majority of the citizens, what about making our world a little more affordable. Like some spoiled kid on the playground with all the toys they aren't going to share unless we take it from them. The fuss they are kicking up is all over TV - well I'm making a fuss - I'm outraged that these corporate leaders would hold the Citizens of this country who buy their products and services in such contempt.

Well it's time people - the time is now a public health care option is the only option and it's non-negotiable. Especially to a bunch of liars who have been using the same scare tactics for 75 years to try and prevent the hard working, loyal Americans from having safe, affordable health care and protections in latter life as we age.

Are we just supposed to work full time jobs for our whole lives and get dumped in a trash heap of a nursing home. All we have scratched and saved in our life time is then conveniently given over to yet another set of Corporate Parasites running those nursing homes?

Was Charlie Chaplin right when he went through the cogs of the machinery in his movie Modern Times.

Is corporate America a bunch of greedy assholes who WON'T do what is best for the Country because they want EVERY dollar in the system for themselves? Is that really good for the economy? No it's not. It's incestuous, it cripples inventiveness and stunts are growth and never advances society past the dark ages of the industrial revolution and their belching towers of poison destroying our lungs and ruining our HEALTH.

Well I'm mad, I'm angry, I'm hollering for real - this ain't no town hall masquerade funded by some huge corporate interest.

This is real and I'm furious WORK with OUR President. WORK with him to make the Country better or get out of our way.

I promise you your bottom line will increase - you stupid morons - it's called macro-economics and you'll be able to afford your 14 houses and 100 foot yachts in Vale and Miami!

You can't stop change and you can't stop progress. How many of us had to die in your rich mans war called the Civil War - over slavery.....? We fought a war over slavery because those rich assholes didn't want to give up the Status Quo even though they knew it was wrong. Why - because they were making money hand over fist - sound familiar - thought so.....

Take action find out more and act - make your voice heard!

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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Mimi said...

WOW, Paul. I didn't know you had a blog and I am glad I followed the link today on Facebook. This is incredibly well written and hits the nail on the proverbial head. Thank you for this. I will definitely be back.