Thursday, August 06, 2009

Manufactured Dissent - Not Advocating For Anything

I'm sure if you took a look at American political history you will see some absolute horror stories of mob rule, manufactured dissent and well funded special interest posing as the aggrieved citizens. My heart bleeds for them (not).

Smug in their ability to get attention and disrupt public discourse they aren't advocating FOR anything. But they are trying to prevent the inevitable erosion of their financiers power as time marches on.

When you get a handful of people from say code-pink or the rainforest action network dissenting loudly at public forums you at least get a point of view...the war is wrong, globalization is wrong, don't tear down the forest, stop subsidizing the unprofitable timber industry, protect the environment, ban offshore drilling to protect the beaches, tourism, food supply,and our real estate value etc.

What are these new anti health care people yelling about what policy is it that they support?

These are the same people the stop the recount thugs who stormed the County Commissioner Offices in Florida. Their point of view was to stop the recount. They were protesting for that time honored American tradition of NOT counting every vote, and NOT making sure the count was right before declaring a winner.

Bussed in by the RNC and their financial backers and corporate self interest these dupes who all had jobs as staffers or lobbyist were down there to inflict mob rule, and short circuit the recount for the noble cause of stopping the counting of votes. Our clear eyed conservative judges on the supreme court let them get away with this. Way to uphold the constitution gang. If you pay judges they can become sellouts too.

The new bused batch of anti-health care supporters only point of view is to yell and scream. I suppose they are against health care or inexpensive health care or competition in the health care market. Our clear eyed so called free market conservatives want competition except for whatever business they are in - hypocrites.

The screamers and yellers while bringing forth no cause, or alternative than to just leave everything alone it's fine the way it is - are in essence and fact advocating for the Status Quo.

They are dupes and being used to try and thwart the erosion of power and to try and seize power back for the Status Quo. I'm sure the screamers work for the Status Quo, most likely paid and easily swayed by jingoism, fear, and racism. They may love their country but that love is being played by the big dogs who couldn't care less about their individual lives except in how to use them.

Like the real god fearing people who think voting republican is voting for Jesus they have been manipulated and will be discarded once the Status Quo has reformed it's grip around our throats. It's so sad that they are so easily manipulated, so trusting of men in suits. Forgetting of course some men rob you with a six gun others with a fountain pen.

When you talk about Greenpeace, Defenders of Wildlife, The Humane Society you are not talking about politicians like Dick Armey and Newt Gingrich. Dick and Newt are people trying to claw their way back into the political process by selling out to the corporations who's time is slowly but surely passing.

If I were Exxon Mobil instead of crying about lost government handouts (subsidies) and trying to squeeze the very last dollar out of my archaic and antiquated business model I would be investing in solar technology. You would think they could see the handwriting on the wall. Unless of course they are okay with America being held hostage by the mid east oil suppliers, Russia, and Venezuela. They are because as long as they are making money they don't care. It's called being a traitor.

I can't believe how short sighted they are but the Status Quo is way too fat and comfortable to even think about changing their business model or lifestyle. So they assemble and pay some bitter people to scream and yell and threaten with no agenda to advance - other than the agenda of no.

Change is what they are afraid of even though change is the only constant in the Universe. Unconscious of that truth they forget the immortal words of we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Change is coming and the Status Quo is going to pull out every trick in the play book - socialism - please I'd rather have socialism than totalitarianism. Please tell me how and what to worship, what opinions to have, how to vote, where to shop, what to buy and how to live my life, please, please, please (sarcasm).

A smart company takes care of its employees. If they are happy, paid well with an appropriate amount of time off, paid vacation and sick leave they are enormously productive. Well in case you don't realize it the American Citizen is a worker bee for some giant corporation to buy their products, build them or both. If I were Corporate America I would apply that concept to the population as a whole and make sure the citizens are well educated with top rate health care and well deserved retirement benefits and facilities and care. The American Tax Payers deserve the best value from their hard earned dollars and representatives.

Manufactured dissent shut down the 2000 Presidential Election Recount a recount required by law and hijacked an election. Eight years later the fruit of that action has given us the greatest financial meltdown since the depression. Yet those corporate powers trying to protect their turf with those ex-politicians (Gingrich and Armey) who have lost credibility and elections care not about this great Country the land of Franklin, Washington,Jefferson and Hamilton, but only for their mere individual advancement - no matter what that means for the rest of us.

They are not the majority, they are not right, they are already well off looking to get richer, and they offer no alternative solution or vision. To leave things exactly the way they are is impossible, incestuous, backing a monopoly, and representing a thing called the Status Quo.

Unfortunately the Status Quo made a mess of things. Their ideology doesn't work in the real world. Although it has made all of them individually fabulously rich none of it trickles down. Trickle down is a farce, supply side economics a proven failed model.

So go on yell socialism, yell welfare, yell elitist at least the drill baby drill crowd had a message.

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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