Friday, August 07, 2009

Solar World Round Up - Today

Hey Dirty Energy Executives Stop Wrecking The Planet Harvest This!

Or Didn't You Notice It In The Sky?

Breaking News Links on Solar Thermal Energy.

Tapping the sun's rays
Lloyd's List
While the cost of collecting solar thermal energy equivalent to one barrel of oil is currently around $65, it is expected to drop to around $26 in future. ...

Town Officials Meet To Discuss Energy Conservation
Hartford Courant
Bob Bonola, a member of Plainville's town energy task force, went to the meeting to hear ways to conserve resources, such as solar-thermal power and ...

Hot Streak for Solar Power in Spain
Wall Street Journal
While fuel costs are minimal, developing solar thermal energy plants is expensive -- around €4 million per megawatt, compared with about €650000 per ...

INTERVIEW-NRG aims to invest in PV solar, offshore wind-CEO
... of renewable technologies, including offshore wind power on the East Coast, which he likened to solar thermal energy in the sun-drenched Southwest. ...

Solar panels to top 'green' measures at governor's mansion
Baltimore Sun
Governor's mansions in New York, Florida, Colorado, Michigan and Ohio have added solar thermal panels to heat water, solar electric panels to provide power, ...

India demands West pay for bold solar energy plans
In another significant policy shift, solar thermal (water-heating) technology will be given as much importance as photovoltaic (electricity-generating) ...

Greentech Media eSolar Shows Off Its Solar Thermal Tower
Greentech Media
In February, Princeton, NJ-based NRG Energy bought the rights from eSolar to build 500 megawatts worth of solar-thermal power plants in the United States. ...

Guardian Adds EcoGuard Float Glass to Growing Line of Solar Glass ...
Solar Glazing Magazine
... is a solar energy solution for concentrating solar Power mirrors, photovoltaic energy systems, concentrating photovoltaic systems and solar thermal ...

The Status Quo is asleep at the switch.

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