Friday, September 11, 2009

The Wolf Hunt in Idaho and Montana

Encroachment into the wilderness carries a certain responsibility. Just slaughtering whatever is in your way to turn the wilderness into suburbia isn't the answer. Understanding migratory paths and planning communities with sound science will not only minimize encroachment problems but be beneficial regarding run off streams and rivers and the water and food they supply.

The wolves serve a purpose in the ecosystem. They are a product of a creative force greater than our own and beyond our understanding. Indiscriminate destruction of forest, and wildlife is fraught with unintended circumstances throwing nature out of balance and bringing humans bigger problems than they anticipated.

There are other means of keeping Wolves and Bears from strolling down main street. Using encroachment problems to turn loose drunks with guns because of politics is missing the point of living our lives in balance. A balance we need to sustain our very health, well being and national security.

Here is the latest news on the judges court ruling to delist the wolves as an endangered species.

Wolf fact sheet

Paul Burke
Author-Journey Home

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