Friday, September 18, 2009

Solar World Round Up - 9/18/09

The massively tax payer subsidized dirty energy sector big agriculture, big coal, big oil and the massively tax payer subsidized nuclear power industry are relics of the last century.

I know too many people later in life employed by the nuclear power industry that are horribly afflicted with cancer. So health care costs are also an issue to grapple with for nuclear power.

The status quo has to get out of the way of innovation and technology. The government needs to level the playing field.

We are behind the times because the Status Quo and their minions are still raking in a ton of money from tax payer subsidies and price fixing. Suffering from a serious lack of vision our economy lags behind the rest of the world.

Here's the latest news

World wakes to new dawn for solar power
The Age
That old piece included this: ''Every hour the sun floods the earth with a deluge of thermal energy equal to 21 billion tons of coal. ...

Google Developing Own Solar Thermal Technology

Currently, a 250-MW solar thermal installation produces energy at a rate of about 12 - 14 cents/kWh. The company would like to develop a product that would ...

India's Gujarat to Give Contracts for $10 Billion Solar Project

With solar thermal, you get more megawatts per square hectare of land” compared with other technologies to harness the sun's energy such as photovoltaic, ...

Striving for a Solar-Powered Future
In the United States more than 62000 new solar thermal and solar electric installations were completed in 2008, up 16% over the previous year, according to ...

Solar Energy Centre to receive IITB solar thermal project

Cleantech Group
The Mumbai-based Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) is continuing to move forward with plans to develop a megawatt-level solar thermal power ...

Focused on Solar Power: Heading for High Temperature Heaven
Concentrating solar thermal power offers short energy payback time, large-scale, reliable and predictable generation characteristics and up to the prospect ...

Solar start-up squeezes more juice from silicon cells
Because of the daunting financing challenges in energy, other green-tech companies, including solar thermal start-up Ausra, have had to shift strategies in ...

How Solar Power For Homes Can Help To Save the World | Go Solar ...
By Sam Deane
The creation of electricity by harvesting solar energy is the basic function of solar panels. The longer you harvest solar energy, the more solar power for homes you can produce. So, production of solar energy depends upon the amount of ... Many people, when installing solar power for homes, will start by using solar power mainly for their lighting needs. From there, they may install solar thermal features to heat their water and then maybe use solar thermal heating to ...

Generate energy in greener ways, World Bank urges India
By Ians
"We're very interested to explore offshore wind, tidal energy and solar thermal to generate renewable power in India," Astonfield Management Inc co-chairman and director Sourabh Sen said. India's per capita energy consumption is ...

Calif. governor boosts state's clean energy plan

He also said the legislature's alternative would have required solar thermal plants to clear more regulatory hurdles before they could be built. ...

Governor Richardson Applauds Belen's Solar Power Celebration
About Integrative Solar, LLC Integrative Solar, LLC, sells, develops and integrates solar electrical and solar thermal systems of all sizes. ...

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