Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bridges to Nowhere - NOW the Republicans are Worried About Fiscal Restraint - Bullshit!

I guess the republicans think we all have forgotten that THEY were handed a budget SURPLUS by the last Democratic President - and then immediately squandered it by eliminating taxes on the richest 1% of Americans, building bridges to nowhere and fighting Bin Laden in two separate countries simultaneously.

Their posture of economic discipline is an outrage and an insult in the face of those REALITIES. They rolled back the Depression Era Laws creating an unregulated Wall Street wild west show of fraud, lies and corruption that gave us this economic crisis, foreclosure and joblessness nightmare.

They'ld rather spend money to help the already fantastically rich than help their fellow Americans who have fallen on hard times.

The bootom line in this country is that you get sick, go broke, loose your home and get tossed on the street.

The republicans need to stop whoring for big business TODAY.

If they are not for the public option - vote them the hell out of office.

Those of you just as mad as I am on the right - your anger is misdirected - this President is trying to level the playing field. Deaf, dumb and blind you turn your anger from an unregulated Wall Street that has created this crisis - to the man in charge of fixing it....don't be dupes, and don't trust Big Business anymore than you trust politicians.

The majority of Americans WANT the Public Option - even after all the high priced professional career lobbyists, lobbying, and the spending millions a day to change our minds.

Vote YOUR pocket book America and don't listen to these scumbags no matter how many corporate sponsored radio, television and newspaper advertisements (shows) they appear on.

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